Publishers Clearing House Gives Back For The Holidays!

Publishers Clearing House Gives Back

The season of giving is upon us and Publishers Clearing House employees are coming together to do all they can to make a difference.

Over the past couple of weeks, Publishers Clearing House employees gathered up some much needed items and donated them to an amazing charity called The INN. The INN, also known as the Interfaith Nutrition Network, is a charitable organization that serves hungry and homeless Long Islanders through soup kitchens, emergency shelters, and long-term housing programs. Founded in 1983 as a single soup kitchen run by a group of concerned volunteers, The INN now serves more than 400,000 meals annually to hungry children, adults, and seniors. Individuals who volunteer at The INN truly have love and compassion for others, and it is such an honor that we get to help them in their mission.

Having a hot hearty meal is very important, especially now when temperatures can easily dip below freezing. Knowing this, PCH employees came together and collected an amazing amount of food to donate to The INN including 200 cans of food, 150 boxes of pasta and rice, and 150 other food items. We also collected 2 jackets and 2 blankets that will provide some much-needed warmth this chilly season.

Publishers Clearing House Donation

Every year around Thanksgiving, Publishers Clearing House gives all of its employees a gift card to use towards their holiday meals. And every year, many PCH employees graciously give back their gift cards so they can be donated. This year was no different. Over $680 was collected in all from gift cards that PCH employees gave back. Publishers Clearing House has been using this money to buy even more food and necessities to donate to The Inn throughout the season.

Being able to help a great organization like The INN has been an amazing experience. It truly is our pleasure as PCH employees to be able to help those in need. If you would like to help the caring individuals at The INN and donate some items of your own, you can visit their website!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Do you like to give back during the holidays? What do you like to do?

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  1. That’s when it seems that it’s mostly needed. The holidays are the worst for those in need. That is so awesome of you to do that. God Bless You.

  2. hi my name is mary and i have a son who is 28 i am 61 and on ssi he is disabled and cant work we are really in need of some help here for Christmas we have no gifts and we need food this mite not be the right place to put this but i am going to try anyway please help us out blessings to all of you and thanks for reading my post i live in south bend indiana you can give me a call if you want my number is 574-404-6030

  3. My favorite place to donate is the Hillcrest Thrift Shop near 64th & Prairie View in K.C. Mo..

    I support and volunteer at the Hlllcrest Thrift Shop where our income of resale items funds. It’s. a new beginning in a new environment for those needing a fresh start and willing to learn how to accomplish their goals. Attending graduation and hearing the accomplishments of our ‘graduates’ touches your heart and gives all in the future and encouragement. I highly recommend it!.

  4. I love to give to the veterans that have served our country. They deserve everything on a silver platter.But they are not taken care of like they should be. Our wounded warriors need lots of help. This is America our people should not be living in the streets starving. What happened to our country? God Bless All Americans and our fellow man.