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  1. Congratulations,im looking forward to being the next winner on publishing clearing house. Believing starts with you.

  2. Publisher’s Clearing House I Mr.Tate of Birmingham, Alabama has put in over 100% of my patience & quality hard-time into your awesome sweepstakes. I do it because im destine to win & im most definitely in it to “WIN” it!!! I pray that 2/24/17 is my time to win. I have done all that is required to be selected the BIG FOREVER PRIZE WINNER ON FEBRUARY 24TH. Now my fate lies totally in the hands of Mr.Dave Sayer, Mrs.1st lady Danielle Lam, Mr.Howie Guja & of course Mr.Senior Vice President Todd Sloan B.K.A the PCH PRIZE PATROL. You guys my “FAITH” is leading me to believe that i will receive “Victory” & I will join the rest of Alabama previous PCH WINNERS. ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT TO ENTER AN CLAIM ALL ENTERIES TO THIS WONDERFUL FOREVER PRIZE 🏆.SO YOU CAN BET THAT I MR.TATE WILL BE PLAYING & ENTERING UNTIL ALL OF THE TIME IS TOTALLY UP & EXHAUSTED!!!… P.S. FAITH CONQUERS ALL AN MINES IS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL THE ONE CAN BE!!!