Flash Forward Friday: A Look Into 2014 With The Prize Patrol!

AmazingYear 2014

Hey PCH Fans!

As you heard in my Throwback Thursday blog yesterday, Publishers Clearing House has done SO many awesome things in 2013 (“a look back at 2013” blog)! From awarding millions to our fans through contests and sweepstakes, to appearing on TV shows like “The Price Is Right” and “Let’s Make A Deal”, the Prize Patrol sure has been busy this year!

With 2013 coming to a close and 2014 just around the bend, I wanted to sit down with Prize Patrol Elite member Danielle Lam and ask her what new and exciting events are coming up for the Prize Patrol in the New Year! Listen up to see what she had to say for today’s Flash Forward Friday!

Christa: Hi Danielle! The Prize Patrol has been super busy this past year. Can we expect to see an even busier 2014?

Look Forward

Danielle: Definitely! We are already preparing for ANOTHER Special Early Look prize event, our One Million Dollars a year “FOREVER” prize, coming up in February! If you win, you’d receive one million dollars every single year for your life, plus after that, one million dollars for the life of a loved one! It’s the LARGEST lifetime prize we’ve EVER offered, so we’re all very excited to see who the prize event winner is!

Christa: Wow! That’s so amazing! One Million Dollars a year “FOREVER”? That could surely change someone’s life in a BIG way. What other big prizes are coming up in 2014?

Danielle: Well there will be 5 HUGE SuperPrize events this year! I can’t reveal all of those yet (you’ll have to stay tuned), but believe me, they are amazing! On top of that, we plan to award big prizes – including $10,000 or $25,000 – every single month! Be sure to check this PCHBlog and my Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page all the time to make sure you don’t miss out on any great winning opportunities!

Christa: Don’t worry! With all this winning madness going on, I’m sure our fans will be on top of their game just like they always are! Does PCH plan to appear on any TV shows this year?

Danielle: The Prize Patrol LOVES to appear on different game shows, but unfortunately, I can’t reveal our plans just yet! You’ll just have to stay tuned to the blog to see which one we’ll be on next!

Well one thing is for sure…there is A LOT of winning ahead! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for all the exciting events coming up in the New Year. From the looks of it, 2014 might be even better than 2013!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

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  1. Would love to see all of you one day! please fill me with happiness. I am praying everyday to get out of serious Debt

  2. Did anyone ever win in PA. I respond to all the emails but I am confused with the search and win. How it works? And the surveys are long as well . I am responding from an iPhone no use of a computer. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Christa P., for all that great insight on what might be happening in 2014!!!

    I am staying POSITIVE and VISUALIZING it all happening to me that is winning this 1MILLION a year “FOREVER” Prize and it would be a plus to become the first ever PCH MEGA SUPER winner from my state!!!

    Well Christa P., I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!! I do hope it will be a better year for everyone!!!

  4. I would love to see the Prize Patrol at my front door with the flowers and huge smiles on their faces when I opened the door. Maybe this will happen on February 28,2014 when I win a Prize of any amount, but Prize # 3080 would be a blessing from God.