Commercials for our NEW One Million a Year “Forever” Prize!

One Million A Year Forever

The New Year is almost upon us, so let’s get EXCITED and start 2014 off RIGHT with commercials for our BRAND NEW One Million a Year “Forever” Prize!

That sounds like an amazing of money – and it is!  Let me explain:  if you’re the winner of our Special Early Look prize event on February 28th, not only would you win an amazing $1 Million a Year for Life, but after that, someone you choose will also start receiving $1 Million a Year for Life for the rest of THEIR life too!

Why don’t you watch this special introduction video from our own Danielle Lam to learn more?


We really think this is a prize worth “jumping up and down” over – that’s why we’re using the song “So Excited” for our new commercials!

Here, let’s watch the commercials together!


As you can see, I’m not kidding about the “jumping up and down” reactions.  As the song says, “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!”  All of the winners in the video above certainly didn’t hold back, right?

And I hope you were touched by the second part of the prize, where you could leave a legacy for your loved ones. Just imagine, knowing that not only would you have a fantastic One Million a Year for Life, but after that, someone else you know would then receive One Million a Year for their life as well!

“Okay, Okay!,” you’re probably saying.  “How do I enter this thing?!”

Simple!  Just watch your mailbox, or if you don’t want to wait, go to and enter right away.

I’m so excited about this prize, and I just can’t hide it! How about YOU?


Matt K
PCH Creative


P.S. What would YOUR reaction be if YOU won?  How would you let the Prize Patrol know that you were “over the moon” for this unbelievable moment?


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  1. I’d love to meet my favorite “trio of joy” – Todd, Danielle, and Dave. That would be a super,duper awesome funtastic day. Thanks for this opportunity to think big and know that wishes to come true. Happy New Year….as you deliver healing joy to so many of us truly needy people. It’s my prayer that God bless you daily with safety, health, prosperity and love. Happy New Year…Danielle, Todd, Dave.

  2. celebrating and bringing in the new year with the prize patrol fill with everlasting joy and the desires of your heart with that big check from publisher clearing house

  3. I am enjoying the games you offer and I am looking forward to see the prize patrol come to my front door. They could save my life.

  4. Hi Matt!
    My name is Darcy and deaf. I will be crying, shock and to thank y’all, Jesus and my whole world best friend mom in heaven from breast cancer that she passed away last Feb. 3rd :(. I sure miss her and Nancy (my mother’s name) has been helping others from her very kindness heart. My dream is to help others if I win from you to make the difference and to pay off my debts. I saw the pch commercial from lifetime channel show and it is wonderful!

    I have question… Have you award to a deaf person before? That will be exciting and different to be on tv show if I win! Happy holidays and happy new year to y’all. Good luck and blessing!

  5. I am extremely optimistic so when I see the commercial the only thing I have been thinking about is how I would help so many people when I win. I would faint from pure shock because I would totally think it wouldn’t or even couldn’t be real. I use to walk to work before I was fired so I would probably run to my old job and hug everyone because that is where my blessings will start because the company is going out of business and everyone there is in the process of being laid off.