How Would $1 Million A Year “Forever” Change Your Family’s Life?

$1 Million A Year Forever

Have you heard the amazing news?!?! Coming up on February 28th in our Special Early Look Event, the Prize Patrol is ready to award our LARGEST lifetime prize EVER in PCH history! It’s true! A winner of this truly life-changing prize will receive $1 Million a year for their life, and then after that, be able to choose a loved one who would receive $1 Million a year for their life! How incredible is that? With this prize, you’d really have the chance to change your life for the better AND leave a legacy behind.

When you enter to win this SuperPrize, you’re not just entering for yourself, but also for the person you decide to pass this gift down to. Who you decide to pass on this prize to can be ANYONE YOU CHOOSE! A family member, a friend, a neighbor — anyone who holds a place near and dear to your heart! When I think of this prize, I think of it as a lot more than just a win from Publishers Clearing House. This is a chance for you and your loved one to live in a world filled with opportunity. No matter what obstacles get in the way, you would have a resource to help solve your troubles. While money can’t buy happiness, it can certainly make room for you and your loved one to enjoy everything that life has to offer. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave a great legacy like that behind?

Publishers Clearing House winners

PCH lets you leave a legacy

Leave a legacy with Publishers Clearing House

One of our biggest concerns in life is making sure our children are taken care of. The $1 Million A Year “Forever” prize would be a great way for you to put your mind at ease and remember that whatever happens in their life, they will always have a safety net to fall back on. I think that thought alone would bring a smile to any parent’s face. Regardless of who you’d decide to give the money to, this prize could help afford SO many important things in your life and the life of the person you’d choose. From college tuition, to putting money aside for a little-one, to saving money for an important life event like a wedding, the great things that could be done with this money are never ending!

With all this talk about the “Forever” prize, I decided to ask a few of my co-workers who they would pass this amazing legacy to. Even though they can’t win because they work for Publishers Clearing House, they still had wonderful things to say!

Laurel U. said: “If I could win the “Forever” prize, I would leave a legacy for my sweetheart…my life…my dear daughter. I pray that I don’t have to leave her side for another 100 years or so, but it would be nice to know that when she’s 106, she’d be well taken care of!”

Amanda C. said: “If I won $1 Million A Year “Forever”, I think I would hand it down to my niece. I’m hoping she would put the money towards her college education, and also towards following her dreams, whatever they may be.”

Those are some really great wishes! I’m sure anyone who might receive this once-in-a-lifetime prize would put it to the best of use. If you want the chance pass down a truly unforgettable legacy, please remember to enter to win $1 Million A Year “Forever” today and every day!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us who YOU would pass this amazing legacy to!

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  1. WOW this is a wow for me and my family. the million will change our sequences and it will change our BIG DEBTS. But because I Love all PCH people when they come tome my house to win me, I will do a wow for them. my restaurant is Aroogas so if they want to eat free I will change it for them as this restaurant is close to my house and I will pay t so they give it free to them is a wow! thanks

  2. I used to go to the childrens Hospital with a friend of mine
    he would bring a shopping basket
    filled with toys, we would often be shown to the area where the children were terminal, one day we were led to a very dark room where a little boy lay in his bed with
    family members sitting all around him, I asked the family gently if we could open the curtains so the boy could enjoy looking at the toys
    they allowed so I brought the sunshine into the room and my friend put an animal puppet on his hand and began to talk to this boy with the puppet
    the haunted energy left the boys face, the seriousness melted away, he first smiled, and then he laughed, the sunshine entered his spirit, and my dear friend gave this boy a moment of joy, the next time we came they told us he had passed,I will never forget helping that little boy by suggesting bringing in the sunshine into his room and into his heart, can you imagine how many more things that could be done, with the blessing of an abundant monetary win such as what PCH offers.

  3. To find myself in the grace of angels delivering a well deserved gift. Well first I will wrap my head around it and put in order the tasks at hand which have been a burden on me. I will move to a climate that for my body works better.Buy a home for myself and son to live in. Take care of a few things for my daughter set up a trust fund for my grandbabe and iinvest in something so the family has a place to work and finally enjoy the days. Of course i will pamper myself before and then here and again. And then when I say “Every days a holiday” i will really feel it.

  4. I have many sibling and relative who not believe PCHSweepstakes. If I’d have luck for $ 1 Million a year “Forver” I hope they will start to enter PCHSweeptakes.

  5. It would ‘most likely’ be my 14 year old granddaughter, Charley Abigail Andrews. She would be sure the other grandkids would be taken care of and she is smart enough to guide them in making good decisions.

  6. If I win the forever prize I would pass it down to my son he is three now but that’s my baby. I had him right after my only brother passed away with being physically and mentally challenged my son remind me so much of him. but I will be happy that my son wouldn’t have to struggle unlike myself going hard for him to have everything he needs but with the struggle. I just want to see my kid and family happy.

  7. I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830,3080,3050 feb 28th so I can leave my legancey to my little wife and she would help with my family. Plus I want to see the prize van todd sayer ,danielle lam, todd sloane the prize team. I wanna see flowers , balloons , big check , get a ride in the prize van!!!! I would jump for joy if they knock on my door. Then I would ask them if they wanted to go to breakfast and I pay and have fun. Then I would travel to Tennessee to see my mom and vaction there.
    Good luck to everybody happy holidays god bless

  8. It would. Change my family. Cause my kids didn’t really have a Christmas somethings happened. In our family. And I been. Out of work for a while this has had an impact on my family but some how I still believe things will get better so i can’t give up I have to be strong for them I believe. That things will get better and we can finally get our dream home of our choice that I always dream of.I will not give up I believe I have faith that things will change my family will get up again I can finally be happy again God will make away I will be so happy for me and my boys thanks for listen to my story hope to see you Guy’s soon