How Would $1 Million A Year “Forever” Change Your Family’s Life?

$1 Million A Year Forever

Have you heard the amazing news?!?! Coming up on February 28th in our Special Early Look Event, the Prize Patrol is ready to award our LARGEST lifetime prize EVER in PCH history! It’s true! A winner of this truly life-changing prize will receive $1 Million a year for their life, and then after that, be able to choose a loved one who would receive $1 Million a year for their life! How incredible is that? With this prize, you’d really have the chance to change your life for the better AND leave a legacy behind.

When you enter to win this SuperPrize, you’re not just entering for yourself, but also for the person you decide to pass this gift down to. Who you decide to pass on this prize to can be ANYONE YOU CHOOSE! A family member, a friend, a neighbor — anyone who holds a place near and dear to your heart! When I think of this prize, I think of it as a lot more than just a win from Publishers Clearing House. This is a chance for you and your loved one to live in a world filled with opportunity. No matter what obstacles get in the way, you would have a resource to help solve your troubles. While money can’t buy happiness, it can certainly make room for you and your loved one to enjoy everything that life has to offer. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave a great legacy like that behind?

Publishers Clearing House winners

PCH lets you leave a legacy

Leave a legacy with Publishers Clearing House

One of our biggest concerns in life is making sure our children are taken care of. The $1 Million A Year “Forever” prize would be a great way for you to put your mind at ease and remember that whatever happens in their life, they will always have a safety net to fall back on. I think that thought alone would bring a smile to any parent’s face. Regardless of who you’d decide to give the money to, this prize could help afford SO many important things in your life and the life of the person you’d choose. From college tuition, to putting money aside for a little-one, to saving money for an important life event like a wedding, the great things that could be done with this money are never ending!

With all this talk about the “Forever” prize, I decided to ask a few of my co-workers who they would pass this amazing legacy to. Even though they can’t win because they work for Publishers Clearing House, they still had wonderful things to say!

Laurel U. said: “If I could win the “Forever” prize, I would leave a legacy for my sweetheart…my life…my dear daughter. I pray that I don’t have to leave her side for another 100 years or so, but it would be nice to know that when she’s 106, she’d be well taken care of!”

Amanda C. said: “If I won $1 Million A Year “Forever”, I think I would hand it down to my niece. I’m hoping she would put the money towards her college education, and also towards following her dreams, whatever they may be.”

Those are some really great wishes! I’m sure anyone who might receive this once-in-a-lifetime prize would put it to the best of use. If you want the chance pass down a truly unforgettable legacy, please remember to enter to win $1 Million A Year “Forever” today and every day!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us who YOU would pass this amazing legacy to!

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  1. After I decide who will take this over after me,which is my Son,my biggest dream is to build a Recreational Center for kids ages 3mos.and up to adult,but the difference would be EVERYONE would be able to join,there would be not just the rich..There is nothing in this area for kids..It would creat lots of jobs and get the kids off the street,and a good start for physical and eating habits to be instilled……

  2. I hope wen I have I have a lot of hospital bils must be paid I don’t have a jobe in this moment realy I need your help

  3. If I Won the forever prize,I would hand it down to my one and only Child who has three precious children of his own so they could be able to attend College or what have they.i would make me feel good to be able to provide for their future endeavors,something that was inbred in me,but right now I am totally unable to even provide for myself,so this would also bring back the “life” in me.



  5. Hello pch hope youre haveing a great day yes if i win it would be a big Blessing and i would leave it to my son and i know that vin my heart he will help and do charity just like i would yes i am in need and i do want to win 2/28 this is exciteing i enjoy your games and love entering in your sweepstakes hopefully that i will win i pray every night for that will come true Thank You Emaline Kirker

  6. Would it not be nice like in Alaska if everyone could get some extra money. The most important thing to me is to save my home I have lived in for many years and have to leave. Also to give up my pets that have been me with years. With that kind of legacy I would be able to start a foundation to help so many others that need help too. They could have a roof over there head and food to eat.

  7. This would be an amazing prize To win,I could help so many people.I would start with my family of course .Then go out and help total strangers in need.To be given such a gift, you would have to share it with others .I love to help people when I can . to bring such joy to someone else that is what it is all about. if you receive then you should give back. that’s how I see it. cant wait to meet the Prize Patrol GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE !!!!! show me the $$$$$$

  8. I love all the comments from your co-workers Ms. Christa P., but you did not say who you would give this unbelievable fantastic sweepstakes from PCH for 1Million a year “FOREVER” Prize if you were to win it?

    My answer would be…well I think I will just have to win this unbelievable fantastic sweepstakes from PCH for 1Million a year “FOREVER” Prize for you to find out who I would give it to.

    I am staying POSITIVE and VISUALIZING it all happening to me that is winning this 1MILLION a year “FOREVER” Prize this 2014 and it would be a plus to become the first ever PCH MEGA SUPER winner from my state!!! It is all so very exciting and I am looking forward to seeing who will be the winners of 2014!!!

    I hope this year is a better year for all of us!!! So Happy New Year to all of the PCH fans and to you too Ms. Christa P.!!!

  9. Straght out start living my my life and start having fun travel donate and keep playing publishers clearing house