What would YOU do with $1,000,000 A Year “Forever”?

Yes, you’re right:  that IS a LOT of money – the largest prize Publishers Clearing House has ever offered!

Imagine getting One Million smackers a year, year after year … FOR LIFE! Plus then after that, One Million Dollar annual payments would continue for someone you hold dear! Why, spending that much money would almost seem like a job in itself – a DREAM job!  Allow me to make a few suggestions …

Why not shop for a cozy little new home … one like THIS for instance?


 Then, of course, you might want to pick out a few simple pieces of furniture …

No, no … we’re not finished yet. Remember, if you win, every year for the rest of your life would bring ANOTHER Million Dollars to spend! Somebody’s got to do the job!

Perhaps you’d like to take the vacations you’ve always dreamed about … where would you like to go?

How about Europe?  London … Paris … or maybe Venice, my own personal “dream destination”!


Is a sun-drenched island getaway more your style? Just bring your bathing suit – if you win, you can shop for a new “resort” wardrobe once you get there …

But you know, I’ve come to know one thing about valued PCH Blog followers like you.  With you, the “all about me” attitude just doesn’t apply.

Really: you’re always planning and worrying about how to help your loved ones, right? That’s why you should go for this incredible “Forever” prize. Because remember, those annual payments would continue for someone you hold dear!

That’s right: you could enjoy a lifetime of financial security for yourself … AND for someone special to you! Who would that person be?

Your husband or wife?  You’d know that your life’s partner would always be taken care of if you won.


A child or grandchild? Wouldn’t that be a fabulous legacy?

Seems like I’ve asked you a lot of questions in this blog … and that’s because we really want to know the ideas YOU might have for spending a $1,000,000 A Year “Forever” Prize. Please do us a favor, and add them to the “Comments” section below.

But most important of all, enter to win this stupendous “Forever” Fortune right now and every day until February 20th in our Special Early Look event.  Because any “Forever” prize entry just might bring THESE guys to your door on February 28th!

1_17_Prize Patrol with Forever Prize

Dare to dream, my friends … enter to win right NOW!

Marybeth H.

PCH Creative Department

P.S. Did you hear that PCHgames just crowned its newest Fan Appreciation winner? And this lucky lady won all because she commented on the Play&Win blog! It’s true! Find out more about it — and our lucky winner — on today’s Play&Win blog!

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  2. First i would give to my Church,then order from you for a life time you have so much good stuff but i just cant afford to buy right now. I would give to the Children’s Hospital and those less forturnate for life then give back to some special people in my life who have been so good to me through out the years. I would pay off all my bills, put away a college fund for my 13 year old son,start my own buissness and buy a new car i have one and i am very thankful for what i have a new car would be a blessing. And buy the things that we need and struggled t

  3. WOW!! This is a great post Marybeth! I would do so much! This blog post is not long enough for me to write what I would do!!lol 🙂 So I will just wait until I WIN and then I’ll send you pictures to include in your blog write-up of me!!!lol 🙂 Your “where are they now” update of me will be pretty exciting I can tell you that!!! Have a great day! Time is counting down to that BIG DAY in February! 🙂

  4. WHEN I WIN the $1,000,000 A Year “Forever” Prize, I will purchase the one thing I have never had in my entire life…stability! I will secure the priceless gift of having a stable roof over my head, reliable transportation, and no debt. Then, I will be a gift to others by helping them obtain a level of stability and improve their livelihood as well. I won’t take this opportunity for granted!

  5. We Would Do A Complete Home Remodel Which Our House Needs And I Would Go Buy That New Dodge Ram Truck That I Have Wanted Forever But Could Not Get And I Would Buy MyWife A New Car Of Her Choice And We Would Pay Off All Our Bills And Live On The Rest.And If I Get Lucky Enough To Win I Gaurantee Money Will Not Change Me Because I Am Smart When It Comes To Money And I Know It Dont Go Far As it Use To

  6. Dare I dream-it would be my dream if one day there was that knock on my door, and I saw the prize patrol standing in front of me. Yes, my dream is to take care of my kids and my family FOREVER. Never having to worry again. a dream. play on. play on. keep trying. maybe just maybe.

  7. Help those who have little or no food. Then take all our children on a trip out west, pay off all bills and repair our home, buy a few cars for family & us.

  8. W
    What wouldn’t I do?… I wouldn’t Work unless I wanted to, I wouldn’t snarl at the price of gas,I wouldn’t EVER eat anything out of a can (besides tuna of course)I wouldn’t worry about when I’m gone because family would be taken care of, not just the person I named to recieve the winnings but also everyone else due to life insurance policies,oh and last but not least….I wouldn’t be (how can you say?) driving a 2001 Caravan. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE….FINGERS AND EYES CROSSED

  9. I am back again Marybeth =). I would definitely travel to all the places in the world. I would love every moment of it. I am in it to win it and I will never give up. From a beautiful to putting smiles on my families faces. “What an amazing life changing story. It will be truly a blessing. Thank you again=) Have a great day!