What Does The Prize Patrol Do When Winner Isn’t Home?


Imagine this…
The big SuperPrize winner is selected…the Prize Patrol travel plans are finalized…the flight takes off without a delay…the roses are picked up without a hitch…EVERYTHING is going exactly according to plan…and THEN, the big moment…the Prize Patrol excitedly runs up to the winner’s door…rings the bell…and NO ONE IS HOME!


It’s a question we get asked ALL THE TIME. What DOES the Prize Patrol do if the winner isn’t home?

Have YOU ever wondered about this? Well, I’m here to tell you the answer. And if you think I’m going to say “they go give the prize to someone else” or even worse, “they don’t give away the prize at all” – THINK AGAIN! The winner not being home is something that happens ALL THE TIME when the Prize Patrol travels the country awarding Big Checks, and I can promise you, our winners ALWAYS get the money.

That’s right! Whether they have to wait for hours outside the winner’s home OR enlist the help of some friendly neighbors OR even hunt them down (at work, the supermarket or local neighborhood spot), the Prize Patrol does WHATEVER they need to deliver that Big Check!

So exactly how long has the Prize Patrol waited for a winner to come home? To find this out, I checked in with Danielle Lam, Prize Patrol Elite. And boy did she have A LOT of funny stories!

The first was about a Prize Patrol trip that didn’t go exactly as planned — the delivery to our $1 Million winner Rory Bellamy from Cleveland, Ohio. At the start, everything was going very smoothly. So smooth that Danielle even told Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane that “this is one of the smoothest running Prize Patrol trip’s I’ve ever done!”. Unfortunately, she had spoken too soon!

Prize Patrol with Rory Bellamy

Because when the Prize Patrol showed up at Rory’s house, he was not home! Quickly, they jumped into action, thinking of a Plan B to find Mr. Bellamy. After asking a neighbor for help, it turned out that Rory was out for the day working as a house painter and wouldn’t be returning until 3:00 PM! 5 hours later, a family member of Rory’s who lived across the street was able to call his cell phone and trick him into coming home ASAP to check on something at her house. Total Prize Patrol wait time: 6 HOURS! WOW!

Sometimes, instead of waiting, the Prize Patrol relies on quick thinking. That’s exactly what happened when Danielle was on the road to present a Big Check for $20,000 to Lisa Tangeman in Daytona, Florida. Surprise, surprise, Lisa was not home when they pulled up in the van. Luckily, Danielle came up with the idea of getting in touch with one of Lisa’s family members, her husband Mark.

Mark convinced Lisa that she needed to return home because their new lawn mower was being delivered. Seeming like a completely harmless request, Lisa headed home where she was surprised by Danielle — and that $20,000 Big Check! Her reaction was a perfect mix of pure joy and disbelief, exactly what we hope for when presenting a winner with their check.

So folks, those are just 2 examples of what the Prize Patrol can do if the winner isn’t home. The important thing to remember is there is NOTHING to worry about. If you’re our big winner, you will DEFINITELY get your money — NO EXCEPTIONS!

But remember, first you have to enter for your chance to win! Then who knows…the Prize Patrol could be knocking on YOUR door next!


Amanda C.

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  1. appreciate it that you will wait for Winner or me Even they are not at Home… appreciate it because We will trust in the PCH Patrol.
    Thank you,
    Willie J. Mitchell

  2. They would wait for you to get home . That what I think A winner is a winner . Or find where they work ….happy happy giving .

  3. The big super prize day, I can be found at work at a University and that would be huge if all could see that the PCH is just that: REAL!

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  5. Nice to know Amanda, Must be exciting to see people receive their dream of a life time, winning, A job will done to all