I have witnessed hundreds of “winning moments” – when the PCH Prize Patrol knocks on some lucky person’s door and announces “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!” It’s an overwhelming event, especially for the winner.  In a rush to capture the story, reporters from local TV stations and newspapers often demand an immediate answer to the question “What are you going to do with the money?”

Most of the time the winners are so stunned by all the excitement that they can hardly think straight and usually say something like, “Phew, I don’t know.  I’ll have to think about that.”

Good answer!

Sure, paying off outstanding bills comes to mind.  But first it’s time to celebrate – maybe with a little bubbly, hugs and kisses, phone calls, dinner out or a party.  And what’s the rush?  For the winner of a Big Check worth thousands or millions of dollars it’s good to catch your breath and not go running off on a crazy buying spree.

Not too long ago I saw the authors of a book entitled “Happy Money” interviewed on TV.  They gave some advice with which I certainly agree.  Most important they say is this: If you come into a mega-bucks windfall, spend the money on experiences.  They add, material things like snazzy cars and fancy houses might offer short-term thrills; but they won’t provide the lasting happiness that — for example — a truly exciting trip or a really generous good deed or a memorable event with family will.

So dream away, but put an emphasis on the experiences you’d like to have.  You might jot some ideas down, then share them with other PCH Blog readers by commenting below. We’d love to hear them.

Above all, make sure you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today and every day at – and maybe your dreams will come true.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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  1. I would give money to my church I would help out the homeless I will take care of me and my family and I would give some Back to pch so somebody else could be blessed I will get something to PCH of

  2. I would help my sister first because she has always been there for me then I would buy me a car and then my kids I would help them and then my mom I would do something for her what ever she wanted it would be a wonderful dream come true.

  3. First, I would buy me a new power wheelchair. Then I would buy a small pick up which I would use to go house hunting. After I buy my new house I will use that pick up to move my belongings into that new house. Then, just sit back and enjoy the view of Catalina from my patio.

  4. I would get out of dept and bye only what my family and I need. And I would help all those in need that I could’ donate to the need. Build a shelter for the homeless and start a business!

  5. pending on the amount I would help people that really need it and I mean people that could use a helping hand………

  6. Mr Dave
    I would take a vacation and be real quiet to experience the most important moment so the happiness of my heart stay joyful. The dream is so beautiful because I have never won anything or more than what I deserve but I am very grateful and appreciative. If it is in God’s will for me to be blessed it will be. With sincere thanks PCH for all you do. Just want you to know I appreciate it more you will ever know.
    Pamela Knight

  7. I’d pay off all my debts and Monetary obligations to society, Then i’d seek out some serious professional help to improve my overall mental health… from the shock of coming into all that new found wealth. I’d also insist on sending the PCH/Prize Patrol on an exotic Island getaway by requesting PCH Execs for them to take an exclusive secret indefinite Vacation, lol. plus I’d giveback to dozens of charitable causes and foundations worldwide, etc… Then Brainstorm.

  8. Hey Dave, I can think of a lot of ways to spend some money but, I think having a party and making those around me happy too, is very important. I would love to share the wealth. Why not? If you win big, there would be plenty to go around, right? Sure I would love a nice new huge truck, to fit my two mastiffs in. I may be turning 50 in a few months but, I still have enough in me to climb up in a big monster truck and do some four wheelin. You only live once right? Might as well enjoy life while you can. Come on everyone, take a chance in life and have some fun!!!! And guess what? That includes relaxing and playing all the PCH games they offer you!!! Love you guys!!! Have a good one!!!! Christina

  9. First I would get my cataracts removed so I could see better! Then I would head to a good Dentist so I could enjoy a good T bone steak! If there was anything left I would pay all my debts and re roof my leaking one! then get some insulation installed so there would be no more 300+ electric bills.

  10. help my only daughter pay every off for her. She is a single mom with 4 small children, no job, no car, and soon no place. Pray that I win to help her.