What’s the Publishers Clearing House Record of Deposit?

The Publishers Clearing House Record of Deposit Bulletin in the mail is a notification that a number has been deposited on the Winner Selection List — the list of all timely eligible entries we’ll look to when we take a special early look for the winning number. 

Hey Blog Readers,

What kind of records would you set with $7,000 A Week For Life?

Well, Win the Set for Life Prize and you could set records for all sorts of zany things like:

Creating the World’s TALLEST PILE OF CASH!

Sleeping the longest in a BED OF MONEY!

Filling a Pizza Parlor with a different kind of DOUGH!

Or you could set the record for having THE BIGGEST DEPOSIT YOUR BANK HAS EVER SEEN!

But, like I told you when I introduced you to the Progress Report
here on the blog — you have to be in it to win it!  And responding to a Record of Deposit is one way to make sure you’re in to win a SuperPrize on April 30th!

How do you know if you have a Record of Deposit?  It looks like this:

Record of Deposit

And inside, it explains that your number has been provisionally deposited on the Winner Selection List.You see, we can’t just assume that everyone wants to win, so we deposit a number on The List for you with the hope that you’ll accept it… but we need your final approval or it has to be withdrawn.  Those are the rules, so if you have a Record of Deposit in your hands right now and you want to win $7,000 A Week For Life, please respond before time runs out!

How do you respond to the Publishers Clearing House Record of Deposit?

It’s easy!  You’ll find your $7,000 A Week for Life Entry Confirmation Label on the “Account of Prize Payments”. It looks like this:

Record of Deposit PCH

Simply transfer your label to the enclosed Entry-Order form and return it — that’s it!  Then, if your number is a match when we take a Special Early Look for the winning number, you’ll be declared the Winner of $7,000 A Week For Life and the Prize Patrol will show up at your door with flowers, balloons and the BIG CHECK! Imagine that!

But if you didn’t get a Publishers Clearing House Record of Deposit, you don’t have to worry about missing out.  You’ve still got plenty of ways to get lots of numbers deposited the Winner Selection List!  Visit PCH.com, play your first two cards at PCHlotto, complete the PCHgames Instant-Win opportunities , login and search at PCHSearch&Win or PCHFrontpage, go for a win on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook …and remember to check your email for additional ways to win!

So don’t forget to take advantage of all the opportunities you get to claim a Prize Number every day — because any number that gets deposited on the Winner Selection List could make you a winner!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative


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  1. Humm… What kind of record would I try to set??? I am always pondering over these types of things in my head, But I have never really been asked. I honestly can’t come up with one that I would do, Unless it would be to get a huge cheese-cake and try to eat it all by myself. 🙂

  2. I don’t have one yet that’s mean im not a winne. so I don’t have worst times to play , if im not receive one that’s mean I playing for nothing and I really want to win , cause I need to be done certain things in my life. god bless you guys.

  3. greetings ALL!

    hey there Laurel? {smiling} let me tell you what I was thinking the moment I read the title, What’s Publishers Clearing House Record of Deposit? my brain said, “What? … isn’t it still growing???”

    LOL the winner’s page I’m always on said over 248 million, and those little red digits are racing higher seemingly faster and faster! rofl … I was sitting here laughing, because when I started reading on down my email has all these funny looking ciphers running all throughout my pch email that invites me to come post. I was sitting here trying to comprehend this very long list of notations until I realized, “Hey! this is just MY emails goofing off this morning.” WHEW! that was close because I have no idea just how much winner’s money PCH has deposited over the years. I mean really if you think about it, if we were counting money from pch wins alone, to get the total amount right we’d have to go all the waaaay back to the first time pch did a sweepstakes, and that was like way-back in 1967 or … something, I’m not sure on the year so don’t be mad at me pch, lol, but I know it was a very, very, veeery long time ago. We’d have to count every cent from then to NOW, and all I know is that the very first cash prizes range from 25 cents on up to as high as 10 dollars! LOL … I’m working from a memory back when I first took interest in pch so my info may be off, but I do remember this much for sure, pch has gone from 5 cents in winnings to give away, all the way up to millions NOW! oh lord, pch don’t just make people happy they are making people millionaires! just the thought that pch has GROWN in magazines, merchandise and grown to millionzzzzZZZ in “money winnings,” is proof they really do “Put their money where they’re KNOCK IS! rofl … y’all can laugh, cause I sure am! that last statement was funny. {ginning} anyways like I was saying “YOU GOTTA” respect that, and throw your hat into one of the best winner circles out here. yeah baby PCH!

    OK, now to answer the actual question, {smiling} I want to build the best charity binder my family has never had, and has never seen. nobody is doing it YET but me, but I really want it to be impressive to the point where it’s like an actual book with contributions that go around the world. I want to share my global conscience with my family, and hopefully encourage them to join in this project for life. to me it’s a great way to build a wonderful and uplifting family history. I’ve already begun connecting relatives passed away to projects I support, this way the book helps my entire family find the good we each bring into the world, that remains when we depart. by getting my family acting on these life-acts of love, while we all still live to participate, then I know my entire family members can start to heal just by helping to raise others up. I want these works to follow us when we are gone, and this binding-book to bind the hearts and spirits of our family for so long as our souls are active with, and on the earth. I desire that “this book” help expanded such works until it touches a rainbow of lives around the world. it’s dreaming big, but I feel so certain about this dream that I must throw my hat in the very best winner’s circle I can find. {smiling} so here’s to hanging out in the PC-House!

    much love and may big-fat blessing be your skin FOR LIFE! to you ALL, Elite, fans, and the entire pch house. Mawh!

  4. I hope to win this time, but, doesn’t everybody. Best of luck to all of you, but hopefully ME. If I don’t which I expect, hope someone deserving gets it. LUCK TO ALL (GOOD is implied).

  5. Well you did email a copy of Deposited List and i responded,so far nothing in the mail i have not seen it.,please send me my Deposited of 7,000.00weekforLife, this is a long haul ,working hard for my family,I came to far to Stop Now

  6. We are all in it to win it, My only question is if you don’t get a letter my number is ( not ) in the Set for Life selection? Wondering how this works if you don’t get the letter of intent. Sincerely

  7. Well,I hope I get one in the mail?I have not seen one yet but I hope one Comes Soon because I certainly.
    Would like to be a #PCHMillionaire #PCH.
    And Yes,I am in it to Win it.#IWANTTOWIN #PCH.
    My Wish has been for a long time to be a #PCHMillionaire.And I hope that #PCH grants me that Wish.Hope to see the #prizepatrol Soon.

    Mr.David Faas