PCH Merchandise Makes Your Spring Garden Sensational!

Hey Blog Readers,

Spring is finally here!  And as the Senior Product Manager of Horticulture at PCH, I just couldn’t wait to get back on the blog and share my Spring Garden Secrets with you!  That’s why I’ve put together three MUST HAVE products from our PCH Merchandise collection as my top blog picks for the season — the Reader’s Digest® 1,519 All-Natural All-Amazing Gardening Secrets Book, Garden Creations® Telescopic Gutter Flusher & Power Washer and Flower & Vine Clips Set of 24 (Buy 1 Set, Get 1 Set Free)!

Now, let me start off by saying, I don’t want you to work hard on your garden!  Sounds crazy, right?  BUT IT’S ABSOLUTELY TRUE!  I want you to work SMART — so your Spring Garden will be the best looking one on the block — and you can sit back and enjoy a rainbow of colorful flowers and plush green grass.  And the way to do that is by having all the garden secrets you need right at your fingertips.  That’s why I rely on the Reader’s Digest® 1,519 All-Natural All-Amazing Gardening Secrets Book  every single season!

Gardening Secrets Book

It’s full of expert, easy to follow tips like:

How to help cure plants with Aspirin!

How hot-pepper can keep critters away!

How sugar can make your tomatoes grow juicier!

And that’s only the beginning!  Once you have the best tips, you need the best tools — like the Garden Creations® Telescopic Gutter Flusher & Power Washer!

Telescopic Washer

I use it all year round — not just for gutters and lawn furniture — but to send water to those fruits, veggies and flowers in the back of the garden without stepping on my other plants!  It’s so easy to use – and with 10 settings, I can water delicate azaleas AND really cut into grease on my driveway without lugging around different attachments.

And speaking of attachments, the last piece of PCH Merchandise I want to tell you about is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.  And with the hot summer sun headed our way, it’s bound to be yours, too!  Drooping plants just drive me crazy — but attaching Flower & Vine Clips helps get them back into place in a snap!  You’ll find SO many uses for these amazing little miracles — like training roses, wisteria and climbing plants — and keeping tomato plants on track.

Flower & Vine Clips

So, I hope you’ll give my top blog picks for the season a try to make your Spring Garden look spectacular.  You can find all our amazing PCH Merchandise here. The Reader’s Digest® 1,519 All-Natural All Amazing Gardening Secrets Book (Save Over 35% Sold Elsewhere for $32.48) is on the bottom of page 2, The Garden Creations® Telescopic Gutter Flusher & Power Washer (Save Over 40% Similar Items Sell Elsewhere for $35.00) is in the middle of page 2 and the Flower & Vine Clips Set of 24 (Buy 1 Set, Get 1 Set Free) are toward the middle of page 3.  And tell me all about your favorite Spring Garden solutions below — I’d love to hear what you think!

Happy Gardening,

Kim Gardiner
PCH Senior Product Manager, Horticulture

P.S. Did you know that you can get access to all the fantastic merchandise that Publishers Clearing House sells by signing up at pch.com? It’s true – registering is fast and easy so do it today!

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  1. I few years ago I ordered a rose bush from PCH. I planted it and it is now taller than my other roses. I believe it is a floribunda rose with small deep red blossoms. Unfortunately, I lost the name tag for this rose. I think one of the words on the name tag was “humble”, but I am not sure. Can anyone help me?

    1. Hi Sharon! Thank you for contacting PCH. In order for us to assist you with your question we will need a bit more information. We kindly ask that you contact us by phone at your convenience. Our customer service representatives may be reached at 1-800-566-4724 between 8:30 am to 8:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday. We look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I love plants and flowers they really make a difference in the way they make a yard look. Praying to win. Thank you PCH. God Bless