Prize Patrol

When we pay a surprise visit to a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes winner we always have a Prize Patrol cameraman along to tape the “winning moment.”  The footage provides a wonderful record for the winner to share with family and friends while the highlights get a national showing in our TV commercials, at pchtv.com and in our YouTube archives.

Residents in the area often get an additional perspective on the “winning moment” from local TV and newspaper reporters invited to cover the event.  The media folk meet us at the florist where a bouquet of roses has been pre-ordered and where our PCH logo balloons will be blown up.  Then they follow our van as we head out to find the winner.

You would think that reporters would be used to covering big stories and experiencing excitement in the course of their work.  But it never fails: they are blown away — that the PCH Prize Patrol is in their town, and then again when they witness first-hand the winner’s shock when they open the door.

“Gosh, this is amazing!” a newsman will exclaim.  “We never get to cover anything like this. It’s always a fire or a burglary or a pile-up on the interstate.  This is such good news!”

Afterwards a reporter will interview us with lots of questions: “This must make you feel great, right?  Do you realize you have the greatest job in the world?  Aren’t you the same guys we see on TV?  Wait ‘til I tell my wife and kids!”

It’s kind of funny that these TV reporters — who are often local celebrities in their own right –are “star-struck” over us.  After all, Todd, Danielle and I  are just ordinary people.  But it’s true: we have had the good fortune to be PCH employees with very unusual job descriptions.

Of course we are not the only ordinary people who have experienced good fortune.  I can think of many more – like the hundreds and hundreds of PCH winners to whom we’ve presented Big Checks – worth almost a quarter of a billion dollars!

With some luck you could join that group.  But remember: you can’t win unless you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  So enter today.  Believe me, if you win, the Prize Patrol – and the TV and newspaper folks in your area – will be thrilled to meet you.


Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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  1. Sounds great. I live with my grandma who’s 87years old & I know she would not believe it if she saw you guys! I would probably faint. And I would have to call in sick from trader joes. My grams and I like seeing your commercials. I like seeing the pch patrol on YouTube & love your pch games on my phone & computer. There awesome!!! I Would like for my grams to meet you guys maybe in her life time someday. Thanks pch for the awesome games on my phone & computer. Keep it up!!!

  2. I’d Love To Meet You Also Prize Patrol. I hope that I’m next. Look forward into meeting all of you. See you soon!

  3. Hey Dave, you guys are big celebs to me. I would be honored to meet all of you someday. I don’t know what would be more exciting, meeting all of you or winning. I guess for me it would be a win win situation!!! Well, I can only dream of the day that I would get to see you at my front door!! I just want to thank all of you for the long hard hours PCH employees put in, to make all of us be able to have dreams and hopes in our lives. Not to mention, the fun games you supply us with everyday. Well, gotta get back to my games. Love you guys and don’t work too hard, meaning(go have a little fun) RR. TTFN Christina

  4. I hope it my home that you lovely people come pulling up to, god know the heart each that I am facing with my home and my 8 children .There is a lot of people these days having ruff times but, it would be easyerif I had that family as everyone else is blessed with I have my children that’s it and that’s all I have ever needed as a family they are wonderful, come see us plz .