Are You A DAN-YELLER? Comment Below NOW!


Nicknames can say a lot about a person — don’t you agree? And they’re SO fun! So we thought it was about time that the fans of everyone’s favorite Prize Patrol gal – Danielle Lam – got one!

Now, Danielle fans deserve more than just any old nickname. When you really think about it, the loyalty and love she receives is just AMAZING! She has thousands of fans that always stick by her no matter what! And believe me, Danielle is SO thankful for each and every one of you! In fact, when I first started working here, Danielle GUSHED to me about how much she loved her fans and how they were just THE BEST! And she’s right – you are all SO awesome and encouraging!

Danielle knew her group of fans needed a VERY special nickname. And she came up with the perfect one! She decided to name her dedicated fans “Dan-Yellers”. It’s a GREAT fit because many fans have told Danielle in the past that if they saw her at their door, they would YELL & SCREAM because they’d be so, so happy they had won! What do YOU think? Do you consider yourself a DAN-YELLER!? What would YOU yell if you saw Danielle at your doorstep with a BIG CHECK?! Comment below and tell us know!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development Department

P.S. But wait, there’s more! We have a task for all the Dan-Yellers out there…now that we have an AWESOME name for Danielle’s fans, we want to know if you can come up with nicknames for Todd Sloane and Dave Sayer fans! Every member of the Prize Patrol has a loyal following and you all deserve fun nicknames too! So comment below – who knows, one of YOUR suggestions may get chosen as the OFFICIAL fan nickname for Todd or Dave! Wouldn’t that be cool???

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  1. As Of Lately, The PCH “Games and Graphics” and Fun are Amazing ! I Listen also to
    The Game Sound on My Klipsch Bluetooth…Awesome !!!!! Thanks TO ALL PCH STAFF
    AND Programmers, Like The “Prize Patrol” ….. YOU “ROCK” !!!
    Just Wanted to Throw This In….Thank You with True Heart.
    Excellent Job, Enjoy Your Holidays ! 🙂

    Come See Me…..and Watch the Weather First….as Always.
    See Ya on “The Playing Field” and Hopefully Live Someday…….
    Sincerely, Regards