The Winning Never Stops At PCH! PCH BLOG PRIZES TODAY!

Blog Prizes


First and foremost, we want to congratulate yesterday’s SuperPrize winner, Neil Kroll from Castle Rock, WA! Neil won an incredible One Million Dollars from the PCH Sweepstakes! We couldn’t be happier to have awarded this prize to you, Neil, and we hope all our PCH fans will join us in wishing you a big CONGRATULATIONS!

Even though the June 30th SuperPrize event is over, we don’t want you all to forget that there are still PLENTY of chances to win EVERY SINGLE DAY here at Publishers Clearing House! And today especially, we wanted to do something really special to show our appreciation to all of you for being the BEST FANS EVER.

That’s why we decided to give away 5 (that’s right, 5!) random $100.00 prizes to fans who comment on today’s blog! All you have to do to be eligible is comment! It’s SO easy. You can leave any type of comment you want, maybe you’ll just stop by to say “Hi”, or maybe you’re in the mood to tell us why you love PCH! Or maybe you want to explain to us what winning could do for you! Whatever you decide, just make sure you comment during the hours of 12 AM, E.T. and 11:59 PM, E.T. on today 7/1/14, and YOU could be one of the 5 people in the running to win $100.00!

See – we told you the winning wasn’t over yet! Best of luck to you all – and don’t forget, COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

P.S Remember, there are tons of other chances to win too, at, PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, PCHgames, and MORE!


  1. Good Morning PCHers Fans and PCH, Have A Wonderful and Blessed Day to All and Remember This: “Treat Every Day like Christmas because Every Day is Precious Gift.” I’m so very Grateful PCH Exist. They never ever have to do What They do Do but They do.. They have inspired Me and gotten Me out of the weeds. They have helped Me to Believe Anything is Possible Again.PCH Sweepstakes is The Best Therapy For Anyone of Us! Even if You never Win Big just Enjoy All the Fun Times They offer. It can Happen to You right out of The Blue!.Skies The Limit. The Prizes Never Ending.PCH just has The Best Sites! So Enjoy The Prizes will They exits I appreciate Everything while I have .I love what They did with The pchlotto,com site. The PCH Company from head to toe must of been developed out of Love After All it is Valentines Day and I give A Heart to PCH Employees and recognize a hard working Team when I see One.PCH All I have to say next is:” You can put a Smile on Our Faces Any Day! You just ROCK and ROLL with All The Winning Moments You offer All Your Fans .Rock-On with Truly An Amazing Prize Winning Opportunity waiting to Happen to YOU! Keep Playing Fans If I can win small Prizes so can You! Came to Believe- <3 PCH You have My Winning Vote: You are #1 and My Favorite Games Sites "Forever and Ever Never Forget That. There is a Light at The end of the Tunnel! to Dream A Dream come True is to Inspire it…Nurture it ..Show some TLC! It is The One site where Giving is Living at ! Play, Play , Play! By All means with Best Wishes,-Came to Believe <3

  2. The reality is that everybody can not win but it is possible that You can win (or someone else) I have been playing for over a decade (although PCH has me playing less time but that’s okay) I have heard so many heart-felt stories as to why They should win, stories of frustration of not winning since they have been playing so long, those who try to sound their really nicest in hope to gain recognition by PCH, those who are genuinely positive people who just want to share and the list goes on…..
    Of course I would like to win I like ten’s of thousands of others have my own story as well but I simply play PCH when I can (due to circumstances I am not sure how long I will be able to play- but I will when I can.

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