At PCH, Winning Begins With a Giveaway Number!

The most exciting part of our business is being able to give away millions in prize money to folks like you who really want to win. We’re always getting questions about our giveaways, and one that seems to keep coming up is: What is a Giveaway number?

Well it’s pretty simple really.  Since PCH awards so many prizes, we need a way to keep track of them all.  So immediately after the Contest Department decides on a prize amount, they assign a giveaway number.  This number identifies the prizes for us and lets you keep track of them, too! Right now, there are dozens of sweepstakes promotions of various amounts being promoted by Publishers Clearing House and they each have their own unique Giveaway Number.  The numbers are assigned consecutively because that’s the easiest way to organize them for our database.

Where you can find the Giveaway number?

We never want good friends like you to be confused about what prizes you’re going for, so whenever you see a promotion from us with more than one prize featured, you’ll see the giveaway number close by.

Online, there are a number of different ways to check the giveaway number.  Often times, especially with our big multi-million dollar prizes, the giveaway number is right next to the prize amount.  For Instant Win, Scratch Off games and other Sweepstakes prizes, you can just click on the Official Rules or Sweepstakes Facts link to get all the information about the prizes you want to win.

10_24_Giveaway Number

In the mail, the numbers appear in different places throughout the bulletin.  But they can usually be found on the letter within the bulletin or the official entry form.  Of course, complete details about any giveaway we promote can always be found in the sweepstakes facts booklet.

Can the same Giveaway number promote different prize amounts?

Yes, the same giveaway can promote different prize amounts.  At the outset of a giveaway, we plan the number of prizes and the value.  Some giveaways feature multiple prizes like 10 prizes at $100.00 or even 210 prizes at $1,000.00.  Others, like giveaway 4900, have a range, which lets us give you different winning options for the same giveaway — from $1,000,000.00 instantly and $10,000.00 A Week Life . . . to $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” and $7,000.00 A Week For Life. We keep track of what prizes were offered in each different promotion.  When a winner is selected, we will offer the prize promoted to the winning entry as set forth in the Official Rules.

10_24_PCH Giveaway Number


So now that you know what a giveaway number is, you can get back to the fun of trying to win.  And if you have any other questions about how our Sweepstakes work, please comment below and let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

All the best,

Matt L.

PCH Creative

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P.S. I know sometimes our PCHSearch&Win friends think that doing a search for the giveaway number is the secret to winning, but that’s just not the case.  It’s so much better to use Search&Win to search for things you need to know like today’s weather, a local restaurant menu, or what’s going on in town this weekend.  The real “secret” to maximizing your chances of winning is to enter as often as you can.  Remember, PCH is all about winning and offers so many great opportunities to cash in – from everyday instant wins to multi-million dollar SuperPrizes and so much more in between!

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