Having The PCH App On Your Phone Could Mean An Extra $1 Million!


Could you use an extra Million dollars? Ok, I know that’s a silly question! Who couldn’t use an extra Million dollars? Now getting that extra money could be as simple as having the PCH App on your phone.

Get the PCH App on your Phone

Allow me to explain. If the PCH Prize Patrol knocks on your door on June 30th to surprise you with a “Win It All” Prize of $2,000,000 upfront, plus $10,000 A Month For Life and a Lincoln MKZ Valued at over $36,000, there’s no doubt that it would be a dream come true!

But, if you “Win It All” on June 30th, it could get even more exciting for you if you have the PCH App on your mobile phone. Yes, if you show the Prize Patrol that you have the PCH APP on your mobile phone, they will give you an extra $1,000,000!

So, here’s the million-dollar question: do you have the PCH App on your phone? It’s available for iPhone and iPad and Android, and best of all, it’s absolutely free!

Simply put, it’s all the best of PCH wrapped up into a single app. You’ll get bonus SuperPrize entries available exclusively to PCH App users, access to PCH games and scratch cards, a search engine, news and entertainment at your fingertips and so much more.

These days there are Apps for nearly everything: weather, driving directions, chatting, you name it, there’s probably an app for it. But, the PCH App is the only app that could make you $1,000,000 richer on June 30th.

Do you have the PCH App on your phone yet? If you “Win it All,” it would be a shame to miss out on an extra million!

All the best and good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

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  1. Yeah your chanches are slim and you must have luck but I have none bad health and so does my son believe me I’m prayingso much little would be better than none but would be so happy and the games keep locking up on me so narrows me down but thank you for the chanches

  2. I my name cheryl.and I really could use that money to get on my feet its been along time since my husband died ive been leaving with my family and hadnt had the money to get on my feet yet . I will be able to buy me a home and show my sister in south carolina that i do have a pot to pee in and throw out the window . She told me i didnt have a pot to pee in and throw out the window . So I hope and pray that i will win this money . Because i can really use it . That would be the bomb to know i have a home to call my own and my sons will really be surpriced to see me have something of my own . It would be a Blessing from God for me to win such a thing like this . It would surprice myself i would be able to not just help myself i would be able to help the sister im leaving with right now shes the best sister in the whole wide world to me even though i have three other sister shes the one i would love to help .

  3. Good evening PCH blog, I’m here for my entry to Win $1 Million for having the PCH App! As well as a entry to Win $5,000.00 A Week FOREVER on August 31st! No.6900 Thank you PCH for this opportunity..!!