How Long Have You Been “Playing” Publishers Clearing House?

Have you been working hard toward reaching a goal? Does it feel like it’s been taking a long time? We all have dreams and goals, but the only way we’ll see them through to the end is if we stick with them for as long as it takes. The important thing is that you never give up and always keep your eye on the prize!

This attitude really comes in handy when it comes to “playing” Publishers Clearing House (that is, entering our sweepstakes)!  I think back to recent winner Jane Bjork, who had been entering Publishers Clearing House since 1977. What’s funny is that even though Jane had been entering for years, there were times when she felt that she was never going to win. But she kept on entering, hoping that some day her luck would change. And it did!


What’s important is that we don’t get overwhelmed with the scope of the task and that we keep focused on the end prize. If all Jane Bjork thought about was how often she entered, she might have been tempted to give up! She says, “Just keep doing it and hope for the best! Just have faith that somewhere, some day…it’ll work out! That’s what I did!”

How long have you been playing Publishers Clearing House — for as long as Jane, or just for a little while? The winner selection at Publishers Clearing House is completely random, so everyone has an equal chance of winning, no matter how long they’ve been entering! Just look at recent winner Desiree Scudder! She’s young enough to want to build a video game room with her $1 Million prize!

So don’t forget, consistency is key! You want to make the most of every possible winning opportunity that PCH sends your way! The famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld is well known in self-motivation circles for what they call the “Seinfeld Method.” When he was just starting out, Jerry would get a calendar and put an “X” on every day that he wrote a good joke. His goal was to put an “X” on as many consecutive days as possible. He would start to see “chains” of X’s, and that would give him the motivation to make sure he kept the daily productivity streak going!

Are you able to keep your entry routine a daily one? Whether you’re able to enter each and every day or only when you get the chance, we want to know how long you’ve been entering for! Please make a point of going to the comment section below and telling us how long you’ve been playing Publishers Clearing House. And remember, you never know if your PCH luck will change!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S.  So tell us … how long have you been playing Publishers Clearing House? And how did you get started? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. It is end of May 2018 today. I signed up on app/website April 18, 2018.
    I haven’t been at it for long, but several hours of play everyday with the wide variety of games & cards & sweeps contests got me to VIP Elite stats in a month. I’m at Sapphire level about to hit Diamond soon!! That should count for something 🎉🎉💝🙌🙌💎

    Anyways I need at least $1/2 mil to $3mil by the time I reach goal 💰💰💰
    It may take some time & effort to reach it, but very determined to get there!! 🎯🏆

  2. I have been playing since 2006 when I first moved down to Florida but I think I was playing before then too but stopped for 2 years and I played readers digest sweepstakes first before PCH

  3. I started entertering about 6 years ago. Went through a tough patch after my mom at only 52yrs old unexpectedly died at the hands of surgeon under operation. . Then lost two more pregnancy due to ectopic. And lost my tubes. Went through a very dark place for a while, but now I’m back since about 3 months ago. The games keep my mind entertained instead of being depressed. I love PCH. Thank-you for the free entertainment.