Make entering every day YOUR New Year’s resolution!

The old year’s behind us, the New Year’s ahead,
Let’s change negative thoughts into “YES!” ones instead.
Like “I’m gonna go for it,” not “Why even try?”
If last year was a bummer, let’s wave it goodbye!

And try keeping the faith and entering each day
‘Cause our Sweeps is for real and boy does it pay!

Ask PCH Millionaires Jane Bjork and Mike Shields
They won this past year so they know the deal
Mike says, “It can happen! It really can!”
Jane entered each day – an excellent plan
And Ryan Hart’s sure to tell you, “never say never!”
He won 5,000 Dollars a Week for “Forever”!

So let’s make this resolution this first day of the year,
We’ll believe in ourselves, face each day with good cheer.
Pledge to enter each day, to thine own self be true
And have faith that good things will happen to you.
PCH has paid $315 Million in prizes all told
Keep the faith, enter daily  – turn your dreams into gold!

Happy New Year!

PCH Creative

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  1. I have been entering the publisher clearing house sweepstakes and have sent in my entries in the same day I get it and have still have not won yet and this April 28 2017 and have still have not won for over 40 years I have lost my faith in the publisher clearing house sweepstakes and believe it is not real and believe that the publisher clearing house sweepstakes has no intention of making me a winner at all

  2. I would Love to be a PCH winner. My Mom Always told me keep playing, because your day is coming. So I continue to play even though she is No longer with me. Lost her on 12/19/16. So I pray her Dream for me Comes True.

  3. Would be extremely helpful if I ever won I am getting four grand babies 11 down to 4 need beds clothes toys ect hopefully they’ll be here next couple months they’re been in foster care for to long we are all they have

  4. I wish I could win the prize. I would give my two little girls there dream home and start over. Through God all things are possible and I believe. Never give up.