Bundle Up Some Great Deals for Winter When You Shop PCH Online!

Hey all! It’s me, Jane, with some top picks from our fabulous lineup of PCH Merchandise that you can order online. Are you all busy gearing up for cold weather? I know I am! That means bringing out the scarves and gloves, making sure that the furnace is working the way it should, and stocking up on shovels, scrapers and ice salt. I thought I would just share some other items that you may need or want for your home this winter, all available when you shop PCH online !

1) When it comes to tracking in snow and mud from outside, I always say: “Not in MY house!”  Here’s what I find works best to help keep the dirt under control.

It’s the HEAVY DUTY ALL WEATHER RUNNER. This rugged mat is perfect for those heavily traveled areas in the house or garage.  You can even use it outdoors where needed. And it comes in your choice of two colors – brick or charcoal. You’ll SAVE OVER 40% with this great deal (Similar Items Sell Elsewhere for  $34.00)!

2) When it’s too cold to brave the elements outside I like to stay indoors and cook up something nice and warm and comforting, like my mom used to make. I’m thinking stew, stuffed cabbage, meatloaf and my all-time favorite, macaroni and cheese!


And there’s no better source for all-time favorite recipes like these than the BETTY CROCKER’S® PICTURE COOK BOOK. I’m talking about the original 1950s version — yes, we have it here at PCH and it’s sure to become your go-to cookbook for those wholesome, tasty meals your family craves. It’s filled with tips and helpful hints and lavish color photos! You’ll SAVE OVER 30% (off Cover Price of $29.95) with your order!

3) The sun might be setting sooner this time of year, but have no fear!


The U.S. PATROL® DUSK TO DAWN AUTOMATIC LIGHT CONTROL turns your outdoor lights on at dusk automatically so you can see your way in through the front door without fumbling around in the dark for your keys. No worries in the morning, either. Your light goes off automatically! Don’t miss this great offer – it’s a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deal!

4) Looking for a nice and relaxing indoor activity? Here’s the perfect way to while away the time and get those creative juices flowing!


The RELAX & COLOR 3-BOOK SET will keep you busy as you fill in gorgeous, detailed scenes with different colors. Find out why so many people have taken up this fun hobby, and discover for yourself what a joy it is to fill in these coloring books for adults! This set makes a great gift, too! We’ve added something to color your imagination, too! You get 24 COLORED PENCILS FREE (a $9.99 Comparable Value) with this incredible deal!

There are so many smart reasons to shop PCH online , where we always have terrific values on all your favorite items. It’s so easy and convenient to shop from home, especially during the cold winter months. You can shop risk-free with our “TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT” guarantee, and enjoy delivery to your door! So why not give it a try today? You’ll be glad you did!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

P.S. Let us know in the comments section below what you think about the PCH shopping experience. We would love to hear from you!

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