Watch The New “Set For Life” Prize TV Commercials!

Hey PCH Fans! I am so excited to announce some big news! The new “Set For Life” prize is back! You read that right. On April 28th, someone VERY lucky could win $7,000.00 A Week For Life! That’s $7,000 every week for the rest of their life. How amazing does that sound? The possibilities would be endless. No more debt, your bills paid on time, family vacations, fancy dining, you name it!

And there’s no better way to share the excitement than to show you the newest “Set For Life” Prize TV commercials — starring some of our amazing past winners! And don’t think for a second that YOU can’t be one of those winners on April 28th! But you’ll never win if you don’t enter while you can!

So, I hope you enjoy the latest “Set For Life” Prize TV commercials. We’d love to hear what you think about them once you’re done viewing, so please comment below!

Can you imagine watching the Prize Patrol pull up to your home with flowers, balloons, a little bubbly, and, of course, the famous PCH Big Check? Keeping the faith and entering as much as you can are two things you can do to get yourself in the running to experience a once-in-a-lifetime win!

Please take advantage of your chances to win through the mail and at It could be YOUR turn next!

Best of luck and please enjoy!

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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  1. Please pch make me a Winner to 6815 sw nyburg street taultin Oregon ask for Roberto and katie satey at the office

  2. I think that there are no winners. Search for who won pch , and it’s a run around. We are being lied to!

  3. What TV show will it be announced on? Ask that ? On other blog think I wrote on wrong one.. I am entered to win. I y’all come here. My family needs help paying off bills. Plus I need the money to move or build a bigger home. I have 3 girls staying in one room. The youngest is 2 the oldest just turned 12. We live a trailer with 2 bed rooms one is for the girls and one for me and husband. I be dressed in my best waiting for y’all to pull up. Hope to see y’all next week.