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Not Sure What To Watch On TV Tonight? Check Out PCHTV!

It’s numbing. You sit and flip through channels just to try to find something to watch. And by the time you actually find something that looks halfway interesting it’s almost over. But we have the cure for when you can’t find anything on TV tonight: watch some PCHTV!

You don’t have to worry about setting time aside or missing any popular videos on PCHTV. You can start and stop and watch videos whenever you feel like it. Plus you could rack up Tokens and enter to win HUGE prizes just by watching!

And don’t worry about content because we have plenty. Whatever your interest is you can find it at PCHTV.


Wondering about the latest Celebrity News? Want to see the newest trailers of upcoming blockbusters? We have all that — and more! You can even watch clips of TV’s biggest, hottest shows. You won’t miss a thing!


Calling all news junkies! Today more than ever it seems like there is a new major headline every hour. Instead of waiting around for news stations to actually get to the story you’re interested in, why not check out our News section and watch all the news YOU want to catch up on?


The world is so connected now, so why not check out what other people watching? With our Trending section, you’ll be able to watch the most popular videos going around the web!

Winning Moments

It wouldn’t be PCHTV if we didn’t include videos of our PCH Prize Patrol delivering big checks to lucky winners across the country. These winning moments will satisfy whatever you’re in the mood for.  Drama … comedy … inspiration and more! You won’t find this collection of raw emotions anywhere else, so be sure to check it out!

Winning Opportunities

And of course, we have plenty of opportunities for you to WIN BIG! Where else could you win while you watch? Not only will you rack up Tokens for watching, but you’ll also be automatically entered to win $2 Million after you watch your first video. And after you’ve watched any 10 Videos, you’ll unlock your shot at the Bonus Instant Win Game. You could win $500 INSTANTLY!

These are only some of the different categories you can watch on PCHTV. Why don’t you head over to see what else we have to offer? You won’t get Tokens or Winning Opportunities just for watching regular TV, but you will for watching popular videos with us. So if you’re not sure what to watch on TV tonight, check out PCHTV!

Joe W
PCH Creative

P.S. Are you already a PCHTV fan? Comment and let other readers know your favorite categories!

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  1. PCHTV is interesting. However, wish you would stop preloading videos. Slow internet, I have to pause to allow loading for the video I want. Often get errors. What’s with all the Canada news? Would be better if you had US News, and World News. I don’t care about Canada news. Keep the celebrity stuff under Entertainment, not under News. Video selection could be better, I can’t really see the whole title, to see if it is something I want to see. Right now watching is tedious, having to reload after errors.

  2. I enter everyday have been for years and wish I could win because I have no money and very poor it would be a godsend and a blessing





  4. Actually, I am just glad to know that pch has tv series, etc. that I can go to when and if necessary. Thank you for letting me know there is more to pch than just entering for prizes. Being aware of what’s available is great!

  5. Let me say let me start off by saying happy shamrock day. My name is Travis Wharton. And Im In It To Win It PCH bring me a Shamrock rainbow and at the end of that rainbow B some money to help me be the best I can ever be. And keep up all the hard work if it’s not me i’m pretty sure the person you choose will and enjoy the money and enjoy seeing you guys. I know I would I know exactly what I would do with that money and I would open up blue bear body shop of hair. It’s always been a dream never had the money and I can’t afford to take out alone so that would be a great opportunity to win the PCH game that I play every single day. And make something out of something you gave me. I Daniel right time to let me know if I if I’m a winner Todd I’m ready.