What Would YOUR Selfie With The Prize Patrol Look Like?

The Prize Patrol is ready to deliver a $7,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize to a lucky winner’s home in just a few weeks. We would love for the matching winning number to get returned so we could celebrate this HUGE prize with the lucky winner! But even if it doesn’t, we are definitely going to award a base prize of $1 Million in a second chance drawing, so there is still plenty to get excited about!

And we just love taking photos and video of the winning moment! We never know what kind of reaction we’ll get to see on the winner’s face!  That’s right, be sure to enter to win at PCH.com and next month, it could be YOUR face in a winning moment photo with the Prize Patrol on April 28th!

Now, in this day and age, “selfies” are very popular! In fact, you’ll see a lot of selfies over on Danielle’s Instagram page! And while you’re there, you’ll ALSO see selfies of Danielle with a few of our past PCH Winners!

And to think… This could be you if you won $7,000.00 A Week For Life ! It’s true … you could soon take a selfie with the Prize Patrol if they show up to your home on April 28th!

So, we’re wondering … if you became a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner, what would YOUR selfie with the Prize Patrol look like?

Silly face!

If you’re like me, you love taking silly selfies! Making a silly face is a great way to have a good laugh. Will you celebrate your big win by laughing and being silly with the Prize Patrol?

Surprised face!

Wouldn’t it be such a great surprise if the Prize Patrol arrived at your home? This April, you could show the world your surprised winning face in a selfie with the Prize Patrol!

Just a big, big smile!

Let’s face it… you’d be super happy if you won, right? So why not just show off your million-dollar smile? You could simply hold up the phone, open the camera app, and say “cheese” with this amazing prize-delivery crew!

Go ahead … Tell us what your selfie with the Prize Patrol would be like if you won our $7,000.00 A Week For Life prize in the comments section below! And don’t forget to log in to enter to win our next big SuperPrize this April!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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  1. Would love to win I am 52 y/O mom would like to retire from my federal job after 30 years and trying the best to raise my children by myself after husband passed away in 2003 April 25 is my 53rd birthday and to win would be awesome birthday present

  2. I would take a pictures crying because I couldn’t be leave god actly heard me. I’ve prayed so long for so many years that I didn’t he even knew who I am. got sometime I don’t know how much longer I could even hold o. to life. they say he don’t put more on your shoulders then you can hold I don’t be leave that the day he took my son from me. and everything in my life has never been easy. if I could write a book I would wrote one about mine. I would hire someone to write it and people wouldn’t be leave it was actly true. so god please you leat all states hit the super prize so please let it be Indiana this time. I can’t order anything thing else from pch because my husband not working now so for the last two months we have know money coming in. and I’ve been off work for two surgery. so please it don’t matter if I’m better I got to go back to work my doctor not happy but we have know money. one bottle of my medicine was 269 dollops the other was 1,000 a month I can’t get it. so pch come to Indiana

    1. Hello Rose, Everybody has the same chance of winning, regardless of their history or financial background, as long as they enter for their chance to win. We’ve awarded over $264M to winners who have lived in big cities and small towns all over the US and Canada. They’ve resided in apartments, mobile homes, and single family houses. Our winner selection process is completely random and unbiased; there’s no way to know who we’re going to award next. The best part about our giveaways is that its free to enter, free to win, and no purchase is ever required. Keep trying and don’t give up! To see all of the ways you can enter each day, click here: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps Good luck to you and all who enter!

  3. Probably going to have to be ‘photo shop’ for me to be with the PCH Prize Patrol [hope I’m wrong about that at some point].