PCH Increased paycheck

What would YOU do with an increased “paycheck”?

I mean, SERIOUSLY increased – how does $7,000 A Week sound to you? And what if you GOT that check each and every week — for LIFE?

That’s exactly what you would receive in a few weeks if you become the lifetime winner of our April 28th $7,000 A Week For Life Prize Event.

Really, what would you DO with $7,000 checks rolling in, week after week, year after year?


Any loan officer seeing a steady income of $7,000 A Week — $364,000 A Year — would leap at the chance to help finance a client’s Dream Home dreams! Have you got a property in mind – or would you have it built to your own specifications? With a “paycheck” increased to $7,000 A Week, YOU could pick and choose!


 Just think what a dream machine you could buy with a $7,000 Weekly “Raise” — for LIFE! No more worries like “Can we afford it?” or decisions to “put it off till next year”!   If you become our winner next month, THIS would be the year for buying the most gorgeous car on the lot, LOADED with all the luxurious options in the book! 


 And why not? A $7,000 A Week For Life winner would have all the money he or she needs to enjoy a luxurious dream vacation every year — 2, 3, or more times a year if desired! And there’d be no skimping either — it’d be FIRST CLASS all the way, baby!


 No, of course not! You know how easy it is to enter to win our Sweeps and the million ways there are to do it! And remember: a big April 28th Prize is guaranteed to be awarded. Even if the matching number isn’t returned on time to win a huge $7,0000 A Week For Life — we’ll go to a second-chance drawing and award a cool $1,000,000 Prize.


 We’re very excited to hear your answer – please write it in the “Comments” section below!

And please, Please, PLEASE – be sure to enter today and every day — any way you can. We want YOUR dreams to come true!

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  1. Open a Women’s Establishment for women trying to overcome their Active Addiction.
    There are not many programs to help Women who struggle with Drugs Addiction that doesn’t cost to enter.
    I am a recovering addicts and want to pursue an education in Addiction Counseling and give back what I received!!!!
    Also, I want to start my life over in a different place with my husband and children.
    Enjoy Life

  2. I would take care of my grandmother and show my daughter a better side in life. Help the homeless and make a difference.

  3. First and foremost I would get the Medical attention I need to be able to be around for my boys. Secondly, after I’ve seen Dr’s. And gotten the correct medical help and have cured my disease, my son’s, Lukas Wayne, 12 & Tyler Bradley who is 10 would all take a trip to Hawaii. They have been dreaming of going deep sea fishing. That and my youngest recently learned about Pearl Harbor​ and would like to be physically there to see some of the ships that are still there according to his 4th grade teacher. The main thing would be getting healthy again so I will be physically here to raise my kids. Then from there we’ll let the wind carry us to where it picks us up and goes. But I have relatively serene feeling that y’all are going to be at our doorstep come tomorrow morning!

  4. I would help others in need and those who need a hand up, not a hand out. There are many hardworking people who these days have trouble meeting the needs of their family. Sometimes a little help can get a lot of people back on their feet. Our economy is not what it was and many people are depressed from job losses that in the end causes them to have to work at jobs paying less. Some people just need a hand up to get them where they were before.

  5. My names Todd Joubert and I`m from Corinth,New York and I would love to win $7000 a week for life.Right now I`m on Social Security Disability living on $952 a month at 54 years old due to a back injury.If I did win I would help out so many people because that`s the way I am.It makes you feel good inside to be able to help someone out in need.Thank You and Godbless.

  6. If I were to win I would pay off my bills and buy a home then pay for my sons college education. After that get my parents a nice home and last donate to the children in need if I was blessed I would pass it forward. Life life with no worries. I pray that the Pch Prize Patrol comes knocking on my door on April 28th