Great Scott! See Who’s In The PCH Blog Reader Spotlight This Month!

Our PCH Blog Reader Spotlight is shining on Scott R. this month, so I couldn’t resist making a pun!  We can’t wait to introduce him, because he’s a dedicated fan — a VIP Elite as a matter of fact — and he has some positive thoughts he wants to share with all of you believers out there!

It all started for Scott when he won a cash prize by playing a game during one of our PCH Facebook Fan promotions. Now Scott is a VIP Elite, a designation we give to our most active Sweepstakes participants.  He enters every day and every way he can. That’s right, he’s in it to win it, and he’s aiming his sights on winning enough money “so that I can finally accomplish my family’s dream of having a nice, decent home on our own land and have the finances to take care of it for life.”

That certainly is a dream worth trying to turn into a reality! Not just for him, but for his family.  And if he wins big, he says he would also “love to be able to bless some people, too” with some of his prize money. What a generous thought, Scott!

Scott is thrilled to be in the PCH Blog Reader Spotlight this month and says he loves everything about the PCH blog, especially “all of the positive blogs about people who are winning,” because they “give people hope about winning for themselves.”  He also loves “the blogs about the great merchandise” PCH has to offer.  Thanks Scott, that’s always nice to hear!

So what are his parting words of advice to all of you faithful blog readers out there?

Scott wants you to “Keep entering every day and never give up and always try to stay positive.”  Way to go, Scott!

I couldn’t think of a better note to end on. Except to say “The best of luck to you all!”

Jane M.
PCH Creative

P.S.  If you’re inspired by Scott’s positive attitude and words of encouragement, let us know in the comments section below. Feel free to cheer your fellow blog readers on anytime, and maybe next month you could see yourself in the “PCH Blog Reader Spotlight”!

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  1. Ive been trying and with a positive attitude but i work for my family and cant do this to much longer suns coming out have lots of bills to pay on top of pch bills lol which i can barely aford dont know why but thought it would give me a better chance cause they were poping up all the time if i lived off the government and didnt work then i might have more of a chance i dont work nine to five im in construction and cant play these games like bumbs or older ones all day im happy for all the older ones winning fo there children but it would be nice for just a guy out there working his but off for his family to win even though the guy cant figure the games or prizes out like all the ones that dont get it or work for a liveing it would be nice for the avarage working man every once in awhile anyway im sorry talking so much but i cant do this for years like some people that have not won nothing in twenty five years thats crazzy who in there right mind would still be trying to win a month or two ya but you can not waist your life on something that most likely will not happen you can hope thats it ….