#WinnerWednesday: “April Showers” of PCH Winners!

 Greetings, fans and friends! And once again, happy #WinnerWednesday!

You know what they say – “April showers bring May flowers.” Well, we have our own version of April showers here at PCH – where every day, it rains winners!

That’s right; Publishers Clearing House has awarded over $327 million in prizes to date. That’s a FLOOD of prizes to a veritable DELUGE of PCH winners!

So let’s all get out our virtual umbrellas … celebrate an “April shower” of PCH winners of smaller prizes … and take note of the forecast that you, too, could become a PCH winner if you enter every day in every way.

We begin #WinnerWednesday by congratulating José M. (above) of Columbus, OH, who won a PCH prize of $5.

“I felt great that I won!” José says, “If it’s a dollar or five hundred dollars, winning is a blessing.” When asked what he’d tell people who don’t believe that PCH has real winners, he answered, “The feeling I have … it’s just unreal! I BELIEVE!”

José wants everyone to know that what he loves most about PCH is “the sky is the limit!” and that “it’s fun and entertaining.”

Kimberly W. of Columbia, SC, is also PCH winner of $5, and she tells us she’s grateful to accept this prize.

“To everyone who didn’t believe, BELIEVE! I’m a PCH winner!” says Kimberly, who loves “the many opportunities of winning.”

“It’s always nice to win a little something,” says Suzanne D. of Pascoag, RI, about her $5 PCH prize. “You cannot win if you don’t try.” What does Suzanne love most about PCH? “The versatile products to choose from.”

Let’s add another “drop of happiness” to our “April showers” of PCH winners – by congratulating Kathleen C. from Clearwater, FL, who was recently featured on #WinnerWednesday on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook.  (Remember to check out the PCH Fan Page on Facebook every Wednesday for more lucky winners.) Kathleen won $1,000 from PCH and received over 830 “likes.”

Will you become our next winner? Do you believe PCH is real? Are you in it to win it?

Then enter, enter, enter ! Because perhaps someday soon, you’ll be showered with riches, too!

Good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you’ve already won a PCH prize – of any amount – please comment below by writing, “I am a PCH winner!” and let all our blog readers know! Or, tweet us using the hashtag #WinnerWednesday. Who knows? YOU might be starring in a future #WinnerWednesday blog!

P.P.S. Come back to the PCHblog this afternoon for an awesome PCH “Fun Facts Quiz” where you’ve got to do a bit of searching to find the answers!!!

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  1. Oh yes! It is real! I won $5 the first week I started entering March 2017. I’m In It To Win It!! Don’t Give Up!!

  2. Lord pleAse I need help. My son graduate my husband passed Feb 1 lord its hard sometimes I do not know where my next meal coming from for my family I pay day and night praying just have faith they choose me this time

  3. Hi PCH Great comments I’m a winner 10 dollar If You Years Ago I Kept the check as wonderfull Memeories I stlill Have The Big envelog and every thing else In it Because I believe One Lucky day I will win The Big Games or One the 28 sweeptakes Yes I do enter always This great sweeptakes Wow How Time Fly The Next Big One Will be On 4/28 I wish I could The Next Big Lucky winner I believe I could win Big At This wonderfull Place PCH Because I’m in it to win it

  4. I’m a winner! I was delighted to find a $10 check from PCH sitting in my mailbox on my Birthday. You guys made my day!

  5. please pch come to florida n to my house I just finished all the sweepstakes for today but my main goal is that 7,000 a week for life on april 28 bring that check this way with Israel diaz on it!!!💃💥🏖🏠✈🚗🛣!!!

  6. I really like this write up about the PCH winner’s amount of cash PCH has paid out to this date. I’m always happy to show my friend’s any proof of PCH is for real & all the time I spend on my computer w/ my PCH site, is not a waste of time. This is one of the best of your best write up’s, on PCH winner’s so I’m going to copy it & show these people who laugh at me. I’ve been watching those PCH winner’s video’s, they tell me the secret’s of how to be a winner. I hope someday I’ll be one of those winner’s & making one of my own PCH winner’s video. // Ethel M / E.Marie