Have you played in today’s daily blackjack tournament?

Have you played in the daily blackjack tournament today? Participating is easy—all you have to do is log onto PCH.com/blackjack, click on “Play Now”, and start playing! The best part is, it is completely FREE to play, and you can play all day, every day!

How to play

The goal of the game is to beat the dealer by having a higher card total, without going over 21. You will begin with 48,000 chips and are allowed a max bet of your chip balance. Remember, if you want to qualify for the Tournament Stats Board, you must complete the tournament!

Why should you play?

It’s FREE to play! And, you could have the chance to win CASH! What’s better than that?

  • Playing in the daily blackjack tournament will also earn you a $1,000 instant-win opportunity with the Prize Patrol Flip ‘n Win bonus game.
  • The fun doesn’t stop there! You will also TRIPLE the number of tokens you earned just from playing in the tournament!
  • The top scorers will earn a $100 CASH PRIZE, and have his/her name featured right on the PCH blackjack page! Just like the winners featured below! Don’t quite remember how to play blackjack? Let’s take a look at the rules.

See who the top scorers are in today’s blackjack tournament!

Head over to PCH.com and join today’s daily blackjack tournament for your chance to win!

Don’t forget you can also earn more tokens with other PCH FREE games, such as PCHlotto and PCHslots! PCH.com Games is full of opportunities to win!

Good luck!

Marissa B.
PCH Creative

P.S. Speaking of opportunities to win, we’re awarding a $50,000 prize LIVE on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook tomorrow! Don’t miss it!

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  1. I have been a pch sweepstakes and game player for years, I won 5.00 once sometimes I don’t think I am registered. I guess I will never be rich, and just have huge debts. I have an opportunity to build a log cabin in Angelica New York but it will be really difficult and they already took my car. So I keep playing and praying. At least it keeps me out of trouble. 👍🏻

    1. Hello Betty, Thank you so much for your support. PCH values our loyal fans like yourself. While we do receive millions of entries, only one person can win each giveaway. Keep trying though and don’t give up! Every entry has the same fair chance of winning and all winners are selected randomly; there’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next. There are multiple ways to enter our many exciting giveaways each day for your chance to become a lucky winner. Click here to see them all: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps Good luck to you and all who enter!

  2. Hi PCH I wish I could Play but some games my computer wont take it Its really running slow I wish I could win big at Pch To Buy a new one To enter all your great wonderfull games and sweeptakes because I’m in it to win it Thankgod I still could enter the 28 sweeptakes on a Daily basic I wish I could win big some day to fits a lot of things Like ?

  3. People say you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than winning the lottery, or in this case. Its winning prizes and money, its better than gettin a lottery ticket i think.. It rained last night: \ .but the whole point is i love the possibility of winning just like everyone else, but i try not to think about anything but the games and apps hoping to win something one day ..I hope whoever wins tomorrow really needs it and i know they’ll be SO happy!!!congrats!! to the winner.!.!in advance:)!. ill be keepin up!

    1. Hi Ashley,
      I love seeing your well wishes for our winners, but don’t give up hope. Keep entering for your chance to become one of our lucky winners. Winner are randomly chosen and all entries have the same chance of winning; there’s no way to know who we’re going to award next. To see all of the ways you can enter each day, check out this link: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Good luck to you and all!! 🙂

  4. I like playing Black Jack except I would miss all the rest exciting games with the chance to win big, I’m in it to win it

  5. If I saw the prize patrol van, I don’t know I probably would think,am I seeing things? $50,000. It would be nice !!!?? 🙂

  6. pch I want that 7,000 a week for life I have your app and millions of tokens I play everyday. Please put my name on that check!!!