Do You Have Money Problems?

Everything is so expensive these days — with so many bills to pay.

Wouldn’t you like to have a little — or a LOT — of extra help to make ends meet?

Come to Publishers Clearing House, where people have won over $327,000,000 since we first opened our Sweeps “shop” back in 1967. And I’m not just talking about the HUGE Superprizes — the fact is that there is a PCH winner every 5 minutes — around 300 winners every single day

People are winning cash and merchandise prizes  here 365 days a year/24 hours a days  here, from $5 and $10 Gift Cards, to FREE brand name merchandise to extra FREE Money in amounts ranging from $10 to $500 to $10, 000 and  beyond.

Whether they’re playing our fun, FREE instant-win games, picking winning hands at PCHblackjack, “searching for gold” with Web look-ups at PCHSearch&Win — there are all kinds of ways to go for FREE Prizes and Cash to help with money problems.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to some of our recent winners, who all got some help from Publishers Clearing House with their money problems  …

Dottie T.  has won over $600 in cash and prizes!

“I hope to have more winnings hanging up soon! I love PCH because they give people a chance to make their dreams come true.”

Lorine S. won $250 in one of our Giveaways.

“THIS IS REAL, PEOPLE! I enter every day, 2-3 times a day. Waiting for that special day where the PCH Prize Patrol is looking for me.”

Teaira Haney won a $10,000  “Big Check” from the Prize Patrol!

“You never know when it’ll happen to you!”

Robert Porfidio also won a big $10,000!

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it! I’ve been playing all along!”

And yes, of course, the winners of our BIG SuperPrizes have plenty to say, too — including 93 year old Ora Gayton, who became our FIFTH $5,000 A Week “Forever” winner in February!

 “Everybody wants me to tell them how to be a Publishers Clearing House winner! I tell them it’s a mystery to me! Just keep playing. That’s all you got to do! You can’t give up…you got to keep on going!”

So, whether you have money problems or would just like a boost to your buying power, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY CONSIDER VISITING US to explore all the ways to enter and WIN!

300 or so Publishers Clearing House winners every single day can’t be wrong! — and you might become one of them TODAY.

We’re here to help …

Publishers Clearing House Creative Dept.

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  1. I just want to be able to buy my own home and not pay someone else’s mortgage anymore plus not have to worry where my next dollar is coming from month to month. i can’t work anymore and can barely walk. but I play everyday and night and keep a positive attitude. i don’t play/enter depending on the income although i hope to win and make my dreams come true. I don’t much care for people coming up on your facebook page spilling out their dirty laundry and begging. That is not me. i believe that god has plans for each one of us and if it is meant to be it will happen. I’m In It To Win It all the way 🙂

  2. Either way I can have a little or a lot it sure will help out with my family in my situation…. yes I can say a lot or some money ,I think we all could stand to use a little or a lot of money, I’ve been broke pretty much all my life but I am not greedy….but this would be a good way to help out with my family with my family Stone but thank you for asking and I hope to see you on my doorstep to help me and my family out that will be great that will be grand

  3. I just know someday you are going to help me change my life! And I can’t wait to see my wifes face when she
    finds out that my dream of winning the “PCH” can really happen she gets mad says I’m wasting my time but I tell her you never know what could happen if you believe.Although I do find myself sad when I’m not the next winner.But then I find the strength I need to keep on! I Hope this time I can see it really come.

  4. do to rising high Market prices We’ve had money problems. honestly the lease to say the less. before it got scary Sometimes job wise financially thinking I would lie awake at night wondering an planning how to pay the rent,or bills, you name it our children’s Future ours and yours are priceless to us but to them very cost-efficient making a BIG their Lives everyday will come & goes a long way Never give up Hope on your Dreams goal and Aspiration in Life.

  5. Hi PCH yes I do enter all your great sweeptakes and games I never miss the change to enter this great sweeptakes I just got a great feeling every time I Enter Ofcourse Lots Of Faith And Hopes On winning Big Its Always There For I wish I could become your next big lucky winner on4/28 Or Any Other Big sweeptakes Because I’m in it to win it

  6. I definitely have money problems; however, I don’t let it take a toll on my life. I try my best to think positive, and I have confidence in God! I’m very grateful and thankful for the things I do have. Nevertheless, thanks PCH for all the amazing winning opportunities. I will continue to keep the faith and enter everyday and in every way. Furthermore, I’m in it to win it, good luck to all!

  7. I’M still in it to win it,but it must be nice congrats to all who’ve won, I have not won anything in all 22+ years nothing not even a gift card, but I’m still in it to WIN IT !!!!! !!!!!! !!!! :-).