Do You Have Money Problems?

Everything is so expensive these days — with so many bills to pay.

Wouldn’t you like to have a little — or a LOT — of extra help to make ends meet?

Come to Publishers Clearing House, where people have won over $327,000,000 since we first opened our Sweeps “shop” back in 1967. And I’m not just talking about the HUGE Superprizes — the fact is that there is a PCH winner every 5 minutes — around 300 winners every single day

People are winning cash and merchandise prizes  here 365 days a year/24 hours a days  here, from $5 and $10 Gift Cards, to FREE brand name merchandise to extra FREE Money in amounts ranging from $10 to $500 to $10, 000 and  beyond.

Whether they’re playing our fun, FREE instant-win games, picking winning hands at PCHblackjack, “searching for gold” with Web look-ups at PCHSearch&Win — there are all kinds of ways to go for FREE Prizes and Cash to help with money problems.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to some of our recent winners, who all got some help from Publishers Clearing House with their money problems  …

Dottie T.  has won over $600 in cash and prizes!

“I hope to have more winnings hanging up soon! I love PCH because they give people a chance to make their dreams come true.”

Lorine S. won $250 in one of our Giveaways.

“THIS IS REAL, PEOPLE! I enter every day, 2-3 times a day. Waiting for that special day where the PCH Prize Patrol is looking for me.”

Teaira Haney won a $10,000  “Big Check” from the Prize Patrol!

“You never know when it’ll happen to you!”

Robert Porfidio also won a big $10,000!

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it! I’ve been playing all along!”

And yes, of course, the winners of our BIG SuperPrizes have plenty to say, too — including 93 year old Ora Gayton, who became our FIFTH $5,000 A Week “Forever” winner in February!

 “Everybody wants me to tell them how to be a Publishers Clearing House winner! I tell them it’s a mystery to me! Just keep playing. That’s all you got to do! You can’t give up…you got to keep on going!”

So, whether you have money problems or would just like a boost to your buying power, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY CONSIDER VISITING US to explore all the ways to enter and WIN!

300 or so Publishers Clearing House winners every single day can’t be wrong! — and you might become one of them TODAY.

We’re here to help …

Publishers Clearing House Creative Dept.

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  1. Thank you I’m very ill woman of 45 mom\g-ma😇 would love to be able to get some memories and lieve a little support for my prayers are for the best and life can be cruel But you can always have that Peace of mind of you got somware to go help from the other side GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  2. For me, winning any of the major prizes here would be a life changer. If I did win any of the the ones a week for life, it would get me out of the red for good. Also, I would no longer need to live with my parents for my age. Another thing is that I haven’t been able to find a job since I got laid off from my previous one back in 2013. Overall, this would really mean a lot if I’m next week’s winner.

  3. I would love to win. Play everyday. Ive only won tokens some big cash would be a blessing right now.i Enter all the contest. Praying for my turn.

  4. Hi All I would like to win I been playing everyday for the past years and still waiting to win big and I would like to get my own house and a car that I don’t have to make payments which is making me broke so please come and knock on my door me and my family would love that cause that would change our life’s. I really hope this is true. I’m praying all the time for this so please send me a ANGEL to let me know this is the day for me. Good luck to all!

  5. I play every day that I can. Have yet to win, but hoping for the day that I get a knock at my door that will change it all for my husband and I and our 4 kids. I would live to have a bigger house for all of us to have our own rooms. In it to win it!

    1. Hello Mysti, Thank you so much for your support. PCH values our loyal fans like yourself. While we do receive millions of entries, only one person can win each giveaway. Keep trying though and don’t give up! Every entry has the same fair chance of winning and all winners are selected randomly; there’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next. There are multiple ways to enter our many exciting giveaways each day for your chance to become a lucky winner. Click here to see them all: Good luck to you and all who enter!

  6. Yes! We do feel the money crunch! I play every day on every app and online in most every way possible also! I keep praying God will bless us with a financial miracle soo I can get full custody of my oldest sons, be financially independent so we no longer have to worry about money and so I can help others as well! I’m In It To Win It!

  7. I have won $350 (most tokens in a day) and my mother won $100 (from PCH Lotto). We have also been lucky enough to win several other small prizes of cash or Amazon gift cards. It is a total shock every time we win.
    I spend a few hours a day entering PCH using the various entry methods allowed. My best advise to others wanting to win? Keep trying! PCH gives away prizes 24 hours a day so enter & play at different times during the day. With PCH it’s free to enter and always free to get your prize. Good luck to everyone.