We’ll Help You Figure Out Ways To Pay Your Bills.

Are you looking for ways to pay your bills? Are you hoping that your finances will become easier to manage? Are you dreaming of just finally taking a sigh of relief?

Today, let’s talk about a few ways to save money week to week, to ultimately keep more money in your pocket when it comes time to pay your bills. As Liza Minnelli once said, “Money Makes The World Go ‘Round”. And it’s true – focusing on ways to hold onto more cash could help make the ways you pay your bills seem less troublesome.

Check Your Bills Monthly, Weekly, Daily… as Often as You Feel Necessary.

If you’re running into financial trouble, the very start to making things right might be taking a closer look at your current bills. You could use your own judgment on how frequently you’d like to keep an eye on them, but giving your bills a look frequently could be beneficial… even just for future purchases and money management.

Hone in On What Is REALLY Important… the Essentials for Day to Day.

We all need the essentials – food, shelter, heat, you name it. While it’s difficult to pass up the $5 coffee on your way to work or those brand new pairs of shoes that are exactly your size (can you tell I’ve been in this situation before?), you may need to revisit these luxuries at a later date. For now, focus on what is most important – that way, when it comes time to pay your bills, you’ll be confident you have the money you need.

Coupons, Sales, Discounts… Oh My!

I’m a big fan of cheese. So sometimes, I like to indulge. Other times, I remind myself that buying the cheese that costs a bit less will still taste just as delicious on my sandwich. Point is, keep an eye out at your local supermarket, clothing stores, and basically just about everywhere else you shop, for ways to save money. A great way to do so is by keeping an eye out for coupons, sales, and discounts. Looking out for these ways to save money may sound obvious, but being consistent about this could make a big difference when it comes time to pay your bills.

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So, here we are: we’ve given you a few ideas on how to save money, we’ve made you hungry for a cheese sandwich, and hopefully we helped you relieve some of your stress about ways to pay your bills.

Just remember – entering to win from Publishers Clearing House could mean being financially comfortable enough to buy those brand new shoes you’ve been eyeing for weeks. Or that brand new car. Or a brand new house. But more simply, winning money from Publishers Clearing House could help you pay your bills. So, we hope you stay in it to win it… because that could mean plenty of money in your future. Good luck!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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