PCH Winners Can Live Wherever!

If you’re reading this blog, I’m going to guess that there’s a good chance you’re a regular visitor to all of the great properties we have at PCH.com! It’s so much fun to get caught up in the excitement of drawings and PCH winners lists, even imagining that you’ll see your name there someday!

Unfortunately, there are people who do watch some of our winning moments and ask: “Do I need to live in a house to be a winner?” Or “Would Publishers Clearing House even bother coming to my state?”

Of course the answer is our PCH winners are ALWAYS chosen at random, so we’ll go wherever the winner is!

Who could forget the time the Prize Patrol took a dog sled to the outskirts of Alaska? They conquered the elements to bring the Big Check it its rightful owner. If they faced the wintery landscape, wouldn’t they do whatever it took to come to your neck of the woods?

And hey, the Prize Patrol ventures out of the woods for PCH winners too! It wasn’t that long ago that they visited “Forever” Prize Winner Ora Grayton in an apartment in Chicago!  Whether it’s a real jungle or an urban jungle, the Prize Patrol will go wherever they’re needed!

Now some people ask us, “Has Publishers Clearing House had any winners from my state?” Well that’s a big YES! We’ve had winners from every single state, and you can see a recently compiled list on this blog here!

But we should also say that just because someone won from your town or DIDN’T win, none of that affects your chances of being a winner yourself! The only thing that makes a difference is if you ENTER or NOT!

Guess what – you will “lose” Publishers Clearing House EVERY SINGLE TIME if you don’t enter! Only those who enter will get a shot at a prize, so why risk not entering? Make sure you’re in the running today so that the Prize Patrol has a chance to visit your lovely area! Whether you live on a volcano in Hawaii or a desert in Nevada, if you’re selected the winner of a major prize, the PCH Winners can always look forward to a visit from the Prize Patrol!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Want to know what PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador Dave Sayer says is the most important Prize Patrol destination? Read his recent blog about it here!

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  1. today, 5/28/17, I AM 90 YEARS, the life time prize doesn’t really excite me very much – maybe yes for my children – BUT the $2,000,000. sure does turn me on.

  2. if i won i don’t what i would do even if it was like 1000 bucks or something
    i’d jump up and down or something
    but to meet the writers would be pretty clue
    and a super prize change everyone s but its just money that’s the thing
    it doesn’t buy you happiness you can’t take it to your grave with you
    my mom could retire i would go back to school for something i love
    maybe up a non-profit organization. i’ve always been a pay it foward
    type of person yes we need money to survive of of course. i;ve lived in california for 5 years i walk to work
    i wouldn’t even want to drive here. due to lack of funds im moving back to wisconsin so i can go back to school. thank you all for doing what you do.
    i come from a small town im not perfect but no one is

    Warm Regards,

  3. PCH,

    Seeing is believing that the pch prize patrol will finally tag me with the big check …so I am It…and I can finally one day say it’s true…that would be a miracle in Bel Air, Maryland 21014..!! This would be a life changing day for me, and I am ready….!!