Win It All!

How Would Your Life Change If You “Win It All”?

In just over a month, PCH will be searching for a “Win It All prize winner. That means someone could actually take home $2 Million upfront, $10,000 A Month For Life and a Lincoln MKZ valued at $36,095.00. Can you imagine winning a fortune like that? No doubt your life would drastically change… but how? How would your life change if you “Win It All”?

All too often we have to put our goals and dreams on hold until we can afford them or have the time to actually pursue them. But winning a fortune from PCH could change that. What’s your life’s dream? What are some of the goals you’ve had to shelf for a little while until you’re in a better financial place? I’ve been asking a bunch of people that very question, and here are some common answers.

Pay off all my bills

I bet we can all agree on this one, wouldn’t you say?

Buy the house I’ve always wanted

My dream home is Tudor style. What style house is your favorite?

Retire early

Doing what you want, when you want. That sounds good to me.

Travel all over the world

Wow – that would be so great. I think my first stop would be Italy. Where would your first travel destination be?

Give to my favorite charities

Wouldn’t you love to be so financially secure that you could share with those less fortunate? What are your favorite charities?

Buy an island

Whoa! How extravagant! Talk about a getaway. Would you like your own private island? Where would it be?

Will the Prize Patrol Show Up At Your Door?

Now, what if all those dreams that you’ve had for so long finally became a reality? And all because you kept on believing and kept on entering PCH Sweepstakes! I mean, winning a fortune like $2 Million upfront, $10,000 A Month For Life and a new car valued at over $36 Grand could afford you a lot of dreams. How incredible would it be to find the famous PCH Prize Patrol  at your door – Big Check in hand – ready to change your life with a “Win It All” prize? I get goosebumps just thinking about it! I think it’s safe to say that life would sure get better!

So… do you guys share any of the goals and dreams on this list? I would love to know. Or maybe you wish for something different? Tell me! How do you think YOUR life would change if you “Win It All”? Please tell me in the comments below!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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  1. I’d move to a nice 3 bedroom apartment either on the Boston waterfront or in Back Bay. After I am settled in I’d invite some of my friends’ over to enjoy all Boston has to offer.

  2. if i won i would change so many peoples lives because i was homeless for 8 years after getting out of an abusive relationship. but still sleeping in a car was better than being abused everyday. the people i came to consider my family while on the streets had similar stories and we all made a pact that if one of us ever made it big we would be in it together. i think about how it could be like and just cry my real family turned thier back and walked out of my life when i became homeless and NO I’m not a drug addict, but it sure would have helped. I’m still in a program that helps with paying my rent i get 733.00 a month to live on and i live in Hawaii witch isn’t the cheapest state to live in but getting away from someone who wanted to kill me was worth it witch leads me to the question can i even be considered a contestant living in Hawaii i never have heard of anyone winning in Hawaii they move here after they win can anyone tell me if they know of anyone. i hope so at least i will still be able to dream about it . anyways i just thought I would share little today GOOD LUCK PEOPLES SINCERELY JOYCE


  4. I would pay off all my medical bills, buy some land and have a treehouse built so I could live in it. I would donate money to Children’s Merical Network and The no kill shelters ! Help out Two families I know that are struggling like myself. Finally take all of my family and close friends to Florida for a month vacation at Disney Resorts !

  5. I would help myself and others. Being able to pay off student loans and buy my first home , would be a dream come true. So tired of being broke and in debt. I wish I could win something to help me out a little. But even though I’m never a winner I still play to keep my mind of this depression. Good luck to the next winner.

  6. I would really be really happy if it was me. I could pay all of my bills of an help others. I could use a new car an a new home. I been with you all for some time now.

  7. I will live take care of my children give to my Church and family open up a program to help the homeless I know how it is to not have food to eat sometimes.

  8. If dreams and miracles come true ..I would definitely purchase a home , so my children and siblings will always have a place for shelter . Life is like a rollercoaster and you never know what tomorrow brings. Top of my list for charities is to feed the hungry, domestic violence victims and assist with child exploitation and human trafficking. In my heart, any PCH Superprize winner will contribute and impact their community !