See Who’s Winning This June At PCHSearch&Win!

June has been a great month for winning here at PCH. In fact, on top of the PCHSearch&Win prizes that have already been awarded to many lucky winners, PCH will be closing out the month by announcing the winner of our “Win It All” Special Early Look Prize Event on June 30th!

Let’s take a look at some of our winners this month below:

PCH awards real prizes to REAL winners every day from all over the US! And, if you’ve been taking our advice and entering for your chances to win, you could see your name on a list here, too!

Pictured above is Bill N. of Cresco, PA. Bill is the lucky winner of a $50 Omaha Steak Gift Card. Congrats Bill!

Another one of our very lucky winners, Ben W., won a $500 Dell Gift Card! Ben has been using PCHSearch&Win since October 2016 and was so excited once he realized he won that he couldn’t believe it! When asked what he plans to do with his prize, Ben said, “I’ve been needing a new computer so I’m going to use my $500 Dell Gift Card from PCH soon to purchase a new laptop!” Way to go, Ben!

Another lucky PCH fan, Trisha A., won a $50 Target Gift Card. Trisha was pleasantly surprised when she found out she won a $50 Gift Card to Target, stating that, “It came at the perfect time as I’m having house guests next week ad need some household items which I love to shop at Target for.” Congrats Trisha!

Rebecca S. won a $50 Gift Card to Zappos. Rebecca has been using PCHSearch&Win for about one year and was very excited to learn she had won. She said she redeemed it right away, and purchased a beautiful scarf that she has been enjoying almost daily.

If you want to have the chance to win amazing prizes just like the PCH fans shown above, then sign into PCHSearch&Win and start searching for anything you want. And don’t forget, today is the LAST DAY to enter for the “Win It All” Prize Event — your chance to go for $2,000,000 upfront, PLUS $10,000 A Month For Life, PLUS a brand new Lincoln MKZ! You won’t want to miss out!

Good luck!

Marissa B.
PCH Creative

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  1. I won a check for $10. It may not be much but it’s the first time I’ve won anything from PCH. I too, was pleasantly surprised & thankful. At our house, every dollar helps a lot! Thank you PCH!

  2. I’m excited that I finally won something! $10!!! It’s not much but it’s something!!!!!!!! A drop in the savings bucket!!!!!! Hopefully if I stay dedicated I’ll be able to win another $10! College here I come!

  3. I’m VIP I’ve been playing for a while now thanks for giving us these life-changing experiences and opportunities you give people faith and hope that one day that their life may just change. Then they can change someone else’s life with this life-changing experience that they just gained that’s what I want to do that’s why I’m hoping I do win because when and if you change my life I want to change someone else’s life too