June – One of the Hottest Months In Winning Yet!

June always seems to be an exceptional month for winning! And this June was no exception. The best of the best from sports such as basketball, ice hockey, and sailing earned world championships while hundreds of thousands of dads and grads accepted their honors. And in just two days, PCH will announce the winner of our “Win It All!” special early look prize event!

When it comes to PCH, we have winners everyday – so much so that we could only fit a fraction of this month’s winners into one blog!


It’s all fun and games when you’re winning, especially for these folks whose winning ways were on display this month!


The fine winners certainly had PCHlotto’s number this past month!


From PCHfrontpage to the front page of the PCH blog, these winners are making headlines!


These winners knew when to Hit and when to Stand!

PCH App For (Android, and Apple. Get the PCH App and you could win in a snap – just like these App fans did!

Now, let’s look forward to July and the chances to move closer to financial independence with a big win from Publishers Clearing House!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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  1. I will Bless my family and the world with my PCH winnings.It would be an honor to have PCH make it happen. You guy’s are the best!

  2. Thanks Publisher Clearing House for allowing me to enter n your sweeps.The 29th of this month will b 14yrs. I been entering day 4 day and I never won a thing.the only thing u have done is took a very happy person who participated n your sweep and is very loyal to your sweep.who became a VIP and only that I received a document from the head Honcho.and that don’t mean nothing.the only thing u have done to me is broken me like u break a horse u broke my spirit.now I can’t just stop because I’m to far n.i just want u to no this sweeps isn’t as fun as it used to b.

    1. Hi Darren! Thank you so much for your support. PCH values our loyal fans like yourself. While we do receive millions of entries, only one person can win each giveaway. Keep trying though and don’t give up! Every entry has the same fair chance of winning and all winners are selected randomly; there’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next. There are multiple ways to enter our many exciting giveaways each day for your chance to become a lucky winner. Click here to see them all: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Good luck to you and all who enter!

  3. I have played a lot and had fun and I won 10 dollars and it made me happy I would like to be able to get the app but I can’t on my phone and I would like to win it all to save my farm because I lost my job because of someone doing something and said I did it now I’m having a hard time to keep my farm as well as I need to and we help a lot of people with food for free just to take care of them and we like being farmers

  4. I want to know why there is no winner for the two million dollars, new car and $10,000 per month? Is this a scam? How come there was a winner for $ one million only? In the recent sweeps you advertised there would be a guaranteed winner, what happened?

  5. Sounds like a great idea Russell. I know I’ll never stop trying . Always hoping one day I will be lucky and win big !