If you won a $1OO,OOO.OO Home Makeover Contest, how would you renovate your home? Think about it, the possibilities are endless – you could make over your kitchen, your dining room, your bathrooms, your bedroom, your backyard… the list goes on and on and ON! Enter today and YOU could win money for a Home Makeover right from Publishers Clearing House!

Now… if you won a Home Makeover Contest from Publishers Clearing House, how would you renovate your home? Here are a few ideas…

Would you update the kitchen with all new state-of-the-art appliances?

Could your kitchen use a makeover? Win money for a Home Makeover and YOU could update your kitchen with state of the art table tops, brand new floors… even high class utensils, plates, bowls, and MORE to make dining in your home an A+ experience!! Cheers to THAT!

Would you renovate your living room to become your comfort oasis?

You love to relax on the couch and watch your favorite TV shows, right? We all do! Win a Home Makeover Contest and YOU could take your TV viewing experience to a whole new level! Winning a $1OO,OOO.OO prize would mean you could buy all new carpets, paint your walls a new color, and place a brand new comfortable couch right in front of a brand new big screen TV to catch up on all of those shows you want to watch! This could happen for you if you win this Home Makeover Contest!

Would you clean up your backyard and put in a pool?

There’s nothing like chilling out by the pool on a nice, warm day. Enter to win a Home Makeover Contest and you could place a brand-new pool with a diving board and water slide right in your backyard. Don’t want a pool? No problem! If you won this Home Makeover Contest, you could even just tidy up your backyard and add a deck that would be perfect for barbequing and entertaining guests!

Would you go outside the box: add a movie theater, baseball diamond, or spa?

Home makeover renovations means you’d have the flexibility to make any updates to your home that you’d like. So, winning this Home Makeover Contest means you could be unique with your home updates – after all, $1OO,OOO.OO would become yours!

Winning funds would mean endless possibilities to update your humble abode. I’m sure you have ideas for renovating your home that I haven’t even mentioned! So now, in the comments section below, please tell us what your dream home makeover would be like if you won this $1OO,OOO.OO Home Makeover Contest! And Enter To Win to ensure this amazing prize could one day belong to you!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative


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  1. I am the queen of redecorating and the total endless decorating and could do it all at once , instead a little at a time each year . I love to decorate , I could def have my own show , I’ve redone a lot of thing , 100,000.00 would be endless possibilities.

  2. I bought a home and thought repairs were minimal- boy, it turned into a money pit and If I don’t win this I will be forced to sell at a loss!

  3. Actually would buy a home, or toward a home. 36 yrs a member. It is real. And I say im ready to mark the win of a big check off my bucket list. Love my PCH. Thanks for the possibilities. God bless.

  4. my mother is 83 years old and she is not able to fix are do any more work are repairs on her own she needs a lot of major repairs on her home i will make her dreams come true i will renovating her whole house. am praying that i win to make my mother’s dreams come true and 10 others dream come true. $ 100,000.00 would be a life changing blessing for me and my family.

  5. I would finally update my whole electrical system to get rid of fire hazards, all plumbing, put in new baths and put rest on mortgage so I could still reside in my home. Times are getting tougher since my disability income was reduced.