15 Ways You Could Spend $15,000,000 From Our Summer Prize Event!

Hey, PCH Fans!

How’s your summer going? We think it’s off to a sizzling start with our brand-new $15 Million Summer Prize Event – and it’s got us thinking. Fifteen million dollars really is a truckload of money; way more than enough to buy some pretty incredible things.

Like what, you ask? Well… let’s say, for the sake of conversation, that you didn’t want to spend the money responsibly. You know, like you didn’t want to pay off debt, build up savings and generally buy the things that you and your loved ones might need. No, no, no… How about we stretch and bend our imaginations to see how much FUN winning a $15,000,000 prize of a lifetime could be!

Here are 15 fantastically frivolous ways you could spend the money from our exciting Summer Prize Event:

  1. 60 personal helicopters. At only $250,000 each, you could ensure that 5 dozen of your closest friends and family members will never have to sit in traffic again!
  2. Trip to outer space. Ever wanted to visit the stars? Now’s your chance! While the final flight is sure to cost a lot more, you can easily reserve a seat on a Galactic voyage for just a quarter of a million dollars.
  3. Submarine sports car. You may not be a British spy code named “007” but at least you can drive like one. Available for just $2 million online, you’d have plenty leftover to pay some villainous actors to chase you into the water during a fast getaway.
  4. Your own hotel. A measly $6 million gets you a standing reservation in your choice of hundreds of rooms, a full-service staff at your disposal — and guilt-free access to any mini bar snack you want!
  5. A private jet. No more standing in line for hours waiting to fly coach! Take off whenever, wherever you want with your very own set of wings. Just $3 million and it’s yours!
  6. Your own private island. Let’s face it: the world is loud, crowded and full of stress. Why not leave it all behind with your own private paradise? You could spend $99,000 to $12 million to escape and it’s worth it!

  1. A theme park. Just over $3 million buys all the exciting rides you can handle. Best part? No lines, no waiting, no people – and every attraction is named after YOU!
  2. Make a hit movie. Did you know the movie Rocky only cost $1 million to make yet grossed a whopping $225 million worldwide? Just imagine what you could film for $15 million! (An inspiring story about a PCH fan who won big soon after reading their blog, perhaps?)
  3. Your own video game. If you’re anything like me, you still enjoy rescuing princesses, finding treasure and saving the world from the comfort of your living room. And for just $1 million, you’d actually get to create the world that needs saving. How cool is that?
  4. Invent something. Have a great idea? Most people have to beg investors to help fund their products (there’s a dog muzzle shaped like a duck’s face that comes to mind) but you could have the cash to develop it yourself!
  5. 15 million things from the dollar store. Who doesn’t love a dollar store – they have everything! You would literally be set for life thanks to the Summer Prize Event!
  6. Super Bowl commercial. What would you do, say or sell in front of 100 million people? Just $5 million buys you 30 seconds of air time to find out.
  7. Stock in your favorite companies. At just $144.15 per share, you could own 104,058 shares of a famous tech company with a piece of fruit in its logo. You know, the one that makes phones, tablets and more?
  8. A painting by a famous artist. Are you a patron of the arts? Here’s a tip: Somebody recently found a rare painting by Jackson Pollock in an Arizona garage (true story). It’s expected to earn up to $15 million at auction. Going once… going twice… SOLD!
  9. High-end hot air balloon. “I’m bored,” you say in a room full of 20 friends. “You know what would be fun? Owning a hot air balloon,” someone responds. And you say, “Yes! They’re only $400,000 each!” Then you proceed to point to each one of your friends and say: “You get a balloon! And you get a balloon! And you get a balloon…”

How about that? Fifteen fantastic and completely irresponsible ways to spend fifteen million dollars. Of course, any financial advisor worth his or her salt would steer you clear of everything on this wild list! But we’re here to have fun, right?

So, whatever you’d consider buying or doing, remember that there’s one thing you NEED to do right now: ENTER TO WIN  the new $15 Million Summer Prize Event on August 31st!

Good luck,

Fred Pineiro

PCH Creative

P.S. Speaking of fun, what do you think Lucky The Big Check is doing while he waits for a Summer Prize Event winner? I picture him sipping a Piña Colada at the beach after parasailing over crystal clear Caribbean waters… but he could easily be hiking his way through the Appalachian Trail. Tell me what you think Lucky is doing in the comments below.



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  1. My 15 ways to spend, $15,000,000.00 would be search for a new country home, start up my commercial fishing bussiness, give to veterans and cancer foundation’s/ organizations to help the veteran and other families. Put money into trust funds for my two daughter’s for schooling, invest into stocks, put money into full retirement, create jobs for others, take the prize patrol out for a steak and champagne dinner, put money aside for the (IRS)…. LOL…. YES PCH PRIZE PATROL, I want to Win $15,000,000.00 Summer PRIZE Event on August 31st Gwy 8800band win $10,000.00 cash prize Gwy 9212 on July 27th.
    Thank you PCH for this opportunity to Win. LET’S PARTY !!!


  3. I would love to enter the 15 million summer event. I would be able to pay bills. Build a house tithe to the church and help the needed.

  4. All well and good come to New Orleans better known as the Big Easy! 15 Millions I could invest a lot this would be a great summer event for me and my family as I drink Pina Colada on my favorite beach watching the pretty blue water sound like a winner to me.

  5. I have some AMAZING ideas on how to use that money if I win!

    1. Pay the Late payments on my house, from caring more about my dad’s battle with cancer.
    2. Pay for my dad’s Burial costs.
    3. Pay off the mortgage on the house entirely.
    4. Fix up the house in it’s entirety.
    5. Get my mom’s dentures relined so she can chew without pain.
    6. Get my mom and I better health care than the bare minimum, which is all my dad had.
    7. Set up a foundation so what happens to my dad doesn’t happen to anyone else.
    8. Do 1 to 7 in order.
    9. Tour around the world!
    10. Invest in solar city, SpaceX, Bigelow Space!
    11. Grand dinner party!
    12. After doing 1 to 7 in order, Head to the south pole.
    13. Buy property and become a awesome landlord.
    14. Break down and cry that I won.
    15. Total shock that I actually won, do items 1 to 7 in order, Donate what’s left to cancer research.

  6. I think Lucky ( the check) would love to visit Everyone but He had to make a very tough decision so he picked someone who could really do great things and share the happiness with others. I have to say I’m glad that Lucky has chosen to sit on my doorstep. I promise to be overly excited and full of all sorts of emotions. I promise to use it very wisely and to help others in need. I appreciate Pch for the chance and Thank Lucky for making a very wise decision… Lol good luck to you all and may your dreams be bigger than mine but I truly doubt it… 🌠🌠🌠🌈🌈