You Should Follow PCH On Instagram!

Last month, right here on this blog, you were asked what your PCH Fan Hashtag is. Now I’m going to tell you about a GREAT PLACE to use your PCH Fan Hashtag – PCH’s Instagram page, “PCHofficial!” 

Stay Connected

Instagram is the way of today – from Instagram posts to “Instagram Story” to your Instagram followers … it’s a modern-day way to stay connected with people. On our PCHofficial Instagram page, we’ve connected with over 16,000 followers … and we’d love for you to follow “PCHofficial”, too! Go ahead now do it right from your phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet!

PCH Posts Keep You Up-To-Date

Our Social Media Team posts on Instagram often, to keep our fans up-to-date with PCH! There, you’ll see everything from Behind The Scenes looks, to highlighting previous winners , to keeping up the “winspiration,”  to using great hashtags, such as #WinnerWednesday, #ThrowbackThursday  and #FlashbackFriday! In fact, I’m shuffling through the PCHofficial Instagram page right now … there are so many great posts about PCHers, ways to win, PCH past winners … and so much more! Just listen to what PCH Social Media Coordinator Nelly O. has to say – she’ll tell you why you should follow the PCHofficial Instagram:

“PCHFans should follow our Instagram because we post a lot of our day-to-day PCH life there. Whether it’s a boomerang or in our Stories, fans can catch some exclusive behind-the-scenes content of our PCHers! And remember, Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours, so you’ve got be quick to catch some great gems!” – Nelly O.

What’s Brand New?

Nelly also provided some information on what’s brand new on our PCHofficial  Instagram page:

“Our new weekly live chat, #InsidePCH, will premiere on July 25th and you’ll want to follow along on Instagram! Leading up and after, we’re going to post a lot of exclusive content on there. Like behind- the -scenes content, stories during the live show, messages from our crew plus more! We’re really excited for the weekly chat as it’s going to be a whole new side for PCH and Instagram is a great platform to showcase this.”

 Be Sure To Connect With Us!

Great information, Nelly! Rewinding back to talking about your PCH Fan Hashtag, Nelly spoke about the importance of hashtagging as well:

“We love going through our brand hashtags and tags to see what our fans are saying or posting!”

Last but certainly not least, Nelly expressed what some of her favorite Instagram posts are:

“Any of our #WinningMoment posts! Our fans are so supportive and congratulatory so we love reading the messages to the winners from other fans.”
So now, just go ahead and click “Follow” on the “PCHOfficial” Instagram page! After that, you’ll see PCH updates right in your Instagram feed! PCH posts often, so you’ll see constant PCH images and captions! And when you see the PCH posts, you’ll be able to comment on them and “Like” as many as you choose! We at PCH love to hear from you, so please make sure to connect with us on Instagram!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I have been trying to enter the $1,000 a week for life, when I put in my email it say’s they want a valid email, but that is my right email

  2. I have a math question: Let’s say someone now has 132 million points and their goal is to reach 200 million exactly one year from now ( since all she’s won thus far is $10, so the plan is to rack up points, at least there will be something to show for it): How many points does she have to get per week?

    1. Hi Cindy, to earn 68 million tokens in a 365 day year you would have to earn 186,301 in a day and 1,304,109 in a week. There is 154 days from today (07/29/2017) and 12/31/2017, in that time period you would need to earn 438,709 a day and 3,070,967 in a week to reach your 200 million token goal.

  3. I pray that I win the big prize and would be so grateful. Much needed money to help my family and friends who need assistance. It would be put to good use. Thank you so much PCH for the opportunity to win.