Introducing… the All New PCHlotto!

Think about your favorite pair of shoes. You read that right. Think about the shoes you wear every day, the shoes that match everything, and the shoes that you’ve enjoyed time and time again. Now, think about receiving a BRAND-NEW PAIR of these exact same shoes that you know and love. Wouldn’t that be great?

So, you may be thinking this is an interesting way to begin this blog post. You may be wondering, “How do my favorite shoes relate to PCH?” Well, I’m glad you asked! I’m happy to tell YOU some new and exciting news: PCHlotto is a lot like your favorite pair of shoes. Yes, you know and love the PCHlotto site. And now, PCHlotto is better than EVER, because we’re introducing the ALL NEW PCHlotto!

So, what’s new with PCHlotto? Well, A LOT! The all new PCHlotto will be filled with even more ways to win than EVER before. We know you’re eager to find out about the winning opportunities that are down the road for you! So now, here’s what’s in store over at PCHlotto:

  • You’ll find an all-new $2,500,000.00 Mega Prize Card!
  • You could win $10,000.00 instantly, plus play a card to get an entry to win $500.00 cash week-after-week!
  • You’ll have the chance to snag a new Life is Rich $1,000,000.00 Card!
  • What else is NEW? You could grab a $10,000.00 “State of Play” Card – that means you’ll see a card that follows the theme of YOUR state! Best yet, there is a NIGHTLY DRAWING for this card… so someone could win $10,000.00 every night!
  • You’ll see a NEW Pick 6 Card – where winners are guaranteed! That’s right… $100.00 is guaranteed for award every day!
  • You’ll be able to play a NEW Tic Tac Go game to go for instant prizes…
  • And you’ll be able to play all NEW Bingo Bucks Cards to go for even MORE instant prizes! PLUS… win up to $5,000.00 for Bingo Bucks!
  • And you’ll still see the scratch off cards you know and love!
  • And now… It “Pays” to RePLAY! Over $13,000,000 in Weekly Prizes are up for grabs!

You see what I mean? New, new, new! There’s a whole lot of NEW at PCHlotto! But hurry! You’re going to want to make your way over there NOW to see what’s fresh and new before other people get there… so GO NOW and play play play the new new NEW PCHlotto and you could win over at the all new PCHlotto!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I’ve been trying to play the Newport and it states oops technicality. What’s going on. I’ve been playing for quite sometime and now locked out.looks like I’m not alone in this problem. Let’s get this back working and stop the threats .

  2. Playing but how do we check our numbers? Clean cookies, cache & flash but still watch commercials only to wind up with replay at end instead of going onto next game. Can’t even get through main game on without problems. We want to play but even reporting problems gets no actual help, I know you make money off our watching the commercials but really this is taking advantage of the people who keep you going and really should get paid for the extra effort that has to be put in just to play. Once again why play lotto when you cannot check your numbers? If we can’t tell if we have won, how can you? We try to stay loyal but you need to fix the problems from your end for us to do that. I would be in it to win it but can’t until you fix it.

  3. You need to get out all the kinks first before inundating us with new games. Also, are all these games constantly supposed to keep saying “Play Now” or “Play Again” when you have played a game and how many games to each card. Very confusing. I may be 70 but I lead a very active life and these new games take toooooo long. Rather have the old ones back (in the am and then at 5pm)