Real People Win PCH Prizes … And We See It Every Day!

Greetings, fans and friends!

If you’ve ever wondered, “Do real people win PCH prizes?”  I’m here to tell you the truth:

YES! Real people win PCH prizes every single day! And I’m not just talking about those famous PCH SuperPrizes we’ve awarded since 1988. I’m talking about PCH prizes of $10 … $100 … $1,000 and more … as well as gift cards and merchandise! Just read any of our #WinnerWednesday  blogs and see how lucky folks across the country are thrilled to win smaller PCH prizes.

In fact, in the lobby of our new, modern headquarters in Jericho, NY, visitors and employees alike are greeted with a “welcome” sign that tells everyone, in real time, how many winners PCH has to date.

Since Publishers Clearing House began awarding prizes in 1967, we’ve given away over $340 million, and over $19 million this year to date to over 525,000 winners.

Whether folks are playing our FREE Instant-Win Games, enjoying our exciting new PCHKeno site, entering our Sweeps the “classic” way by responding to the colorful Bulletins they receive in the mail, or taking advantage of the many ways to enter to win, they are winning ALL day, EVERY day – over 300 times a day!

I hope you’re having a blast experiencing all the winning opportunities  PCH has to offer. Why not start right now by clicking the “Enter Now!” button at the upper right hand corner of this blog post, to be entered into our $15 Million Summer Prize Event!

Good luck!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Speaking of PCH prizes, come back to the PCHblog this afternoon and discover why we take a “Special Early Look” during our SuperPrize events. You’ll definitely agree that PCH loves to give away money!

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  1. Nice going to the players of PCH who won, I’d like to be included in the winners circle , Because ‘ I’M IN IT TO WIN IT, AS ALL WINNERS DID.. Good luck to all future winners

  2. I have responded to your emails to reply it goes to a non monitored address. I want to win August summer event I entered everyday . Please on the go🕩

    1. Hi Juretta, you do not need to reply to our promotion mail to enter into the sweepstakes. We recommend clicking on the links within the promotional email to go to our site in order to submit your entry. Every time you process an entry your name is issued an extra SuperPrize Number. You can see all the ways to enter here:

  3. I was scammed out of 525.00 and they wanted 25,625 for taxes they said I won 2.5 million dollars Mr. James Wynter badge # 296 phone #716-312-1091 caller ID said Jamaca NewYork


    1. Hi Terry, Thank you for contacting PCH. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing technical difficulties on our website. Please give our technical support representatives a call at 1-800-476-4724, we are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. We look forward to hearing from you.

  5. I most definitely know “REAL” people do win! Although, I haven’t won yet but my time is coming. On the other hand, I would be thrilled to win any prize! However, I would be thriller to win a famous SuperPrize. Also, I love the display of the winners at the new PCH headquarters. I’m looking forward to visit the new headquarters in Jericho, NY! Wishful thinking from a proud PCH fan, friend, participant, customer, believer, and dreamer!