We asked … YOU TOLD US: All the Reasons You’d Like to Win Our Sweepstakes!

My blog friends, all I can say is, “WOW!” and “THANK YOU!” A recent blog asked you to tell us all the reasons you’d love to win a big PCH SuperPrize and we’ve been extremely interested to read your responses.  You all had VERY specific, very personal, sometime surprising ideas about how you’d spend your prize if you won.

For the most part, you didn’t talk about using your prize money to buy luxurious mansions, designer cars, costly jewelry or any of the other things we think a millionaire would want. No, you talked about paying off debts, taking care of your loved ones, getting dental work done, making home repairs, giving to charity — all  the things that wonderful real life people (like you!) could REALLY use a lot of extra money for.

For instance, Lyle D. writes that he’d use his winnings to “pay off student loans,” “set up my family for the rest of their lives,” and “take my wife to see the places that I had in the military.” Emmanual M. says he’d use the money to “help out friends” and to “orchestrate a family reunion.”  Shi C. shares that it’d be great to “afford an amazing house for my fiancé.”

Melissa S., a subject of our “Blog Reader Spotlight,” writes “I’d like to take my parents on a much-needed vacation,” while Judy H. tells us that she’d like to win so that her husband could retire, and goes on to say she’d like to “pay off our taxes and bills and just be able to enjoy life.”

What really came shining through your responses were all the hopes and dreams  and responsibilities that help you “keep the faith” and keep taking advantage of all the winning opportunities here at Publishers Clearing House. We’ve given away over 340 Million Dollars in PCH Prizes so far and that’s just for starters. We’d love for you to become our next big winner, because you deserve it.

(Speaking of big PCH Prizes, be sure to get in on a very exciting opportunity indeed: the chance to WIN $1,000 A Day For Life  in our new Special Early Look prize event.

To quote a song from the musical, “Grease,” tell us more, TELL US MORE!  Tell us more of the reasons you’d like to win a big PCH prize, including $1,000 A Day For Life. Hearing from you is our inspiration for bringing you more and even better ways to win, so be sure and share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your unique and wonderful “winning thoughts” with us. We sincerely hope that we can help make your dreams come true.

All the best,

Publishers Clearing House


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  1. I am single mother of 3. I would love to win because I work part time to try to make ends mee. I still struggling daily..wimining would help ease the worrying of me being late on bills we need.

  2. I Robert Much would git a now car for my wife and git a big home and help my two boy’s out and go on vacashen that whould be so fun

  3. I have been apart of the PCH family for more than 12years. I a 70 years old widow and can use $1,000 a day for life. I am waiting for the nock at my door. I am waiting for that million.

  4. I have been entering pch for 11 years now am grateful for the 20.00 dollars I won it wAs so unreal to get a pch check thank you so much if I won a million dollars that would bae blessing and a sight to see on tv you just don’t know the joy I would have and show to be a big winner .one million dollars would do me just fine I am in this to win that’ million dollar prize of a lifetime I would buy a permanent home to finally in my 70 years to be a homeowner and have a good vehicle I could depend on would’ be a dream come true and be a blessing to live out the rest of my years secure thank you pch this is why I want to win and will keep trying till I get it right and win that million

  5. I wish that my mom Chris could win some day. My mom Chris is a amazing mom. My mom always was there for me. My mom had surgery a few years ago and they had to take her eye out. My mom is blind in one eye. My mom also has ms in both of her legs. My mom has been having so much pain her whole life. I have to help my mom out. She is 56 years of age and my dad is 76 years of age. I love both my mom Chris and my dad with all of my heart. My mom’s wish was that she could own a home of here own some day she has never owned a home ever.she has rented her whole life. The second thing that my mom would love to do is go on alot of vacations. I will always tell my mom to keep playing tell she wins some day. Every day I cry in tears that my mom will win some day in westsacramento CA. Also I would like to see the prize patrol. Mom and dad I know in my heart that you will win some day. Don’t ever give up keep playing tell you win. But I know in my heart you will win some day. Pch please tell everyone in Texas that I and my family and church are praying. Thanks mom and dad for all you have done for me. I love you mom and dad with all of my heart. Thanks your son matt tinney

  6. Hay pch when this vip wins big for my family I would buy us some land and a nice decent home to put on the land which we desperately need. Because pch we only have less than 2 years to live in this old run down mobile home that we currently live in. Because it will be tore down and gotten rid of. So pch you can see why this vip trys so hard to win for my family. And pch yall are the only way that I know to make it happen for my family and that’s why I get upset when I haven’t won anything in a while and I have been entering every way possible for years now and I am very dedicated to winning for my family that’s why I am on my Samsung tablet from daylight until dark entering every single day and every chance I get to enter. So come on pch make this happen for my family. Yall are my only hope

  7. Hello pch prize patrol I want to win because there are these special people who live in a special place and have a special pet dog named Tebow he is an English Creme golden retriever and I have been taking care of him while his family is away on vacation and he cries after I leave because I don’t live near them I am not able to visit or take long morning walks I will have to wait until next vacation in. February to see Tebow but if I won I could move there and I would. Be able to walk him in the morning or just visit and his family will let him visit me also .Only if I could move closer to Tebow the white golden retriever I fell in love with ! I wish I had this pet dog in the beginning of my life I wonder how things would have turned out for me ?