Have You Played Tic Tac Go & Bingo Bucks at PCHlotto?

Have you checked out our new PCHlotto site?  We’ve upgraded your winning experience with all new, engaging lotto cards, and we hope you’ve been enjoying them while you score Tokens and go for incredible prizes!

But in case you haven’t been playing, I’d like to present TWO awesome Instant Win Scratch Cards that YOU could win big with: Tic-Tac Go and Bingo Bucks!

You won’t be disappointed playing these new Instant Win Scratch Cards. They’re great takes on games we’ve all played throughout our lives. But now these games could make you a big winner! And not only can you score Tokens with every play, but each game gives you the chance to win THOUSANDS in CASH!

Interested? I thought so. Let’s start by talking about Tic-Tac Go!

As you can see above, this is not so different than playing actual tic-tac-toe. The big difference? Instead of bragging rights after you’ve beaten friends and family, this card will score you TOKENS every time you win! And you’d be smart to rack up as many Tokens as you can, because you can redeem those tokens for great prize opportunities!

Even better, certain winning combos on this Instant Win Scratch Card could win you CASH! If you get the right three in a row, YOU could win $1,000!

Now, how about we discuss Bingo Bucks!

What’s more exciting than shouting BINGO! at the top of your lungs? Shouting BINGO! after you Instantly Win CASH!

We’ve brought that feeling to you at PCHlotto. This card has all different ways to win within one game. So long as you get a match, you’ll win. The more you match, though, the more you’ll win! You could win up to $5,000! So make sure you scratch the right numbers…

Go to PCHlotto and start playing now! How many Tokens can you rack up while you go for Instant Cash prizes? Each game has THREE chances for you to win. With guaranteed winners from these cards, there’s no time to waste! So get your best strategies ready and play them all. You could Instantly Win THOUSANDS in Cash!

Good Luck & Enjoy!

Joe W.
PCH Creative

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  1. PCH Rogue,
    How you are so cruel harm me and so cruel delay my award time and how I will so cruel counterattack to you too, this is fair to us. Let you dream forever, this is very good punishment to you. Such you are this ugly man, should to know how respect any people.

  2. I do wonder lord when will it be my TURN ?? At it for 22+ years still going still haven’t won nothing not even a small prize oh when will it be my TURN?

  3. I used to play PCH lotto daily, but I rarely complete all the cards since the new release. I often have errors “we are experiencing technical difficulties ” or the page stops loading and I have to refresh over and over. It takes hours to get through all of the cards to the end. I hope you get all of the bugs out soon!

    1. Hello Jennifer, thank you for contacting PCH. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing technical difficulties on our website. Please give our technical support representatives a call at 1-800-476-4724, we are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. We look forward to hearing from you.

  4. These would be a lot of fun, but they, and the new Bingo “$500 a week for life – Set For Life” scratch games all want to crash my ancient computer. 🙁 They move so, so slowly, it takes a very long time to complete them. I understand the desire for “realism” in the slow scratching removal of numbers, in theory anyway, but in practice, some of us don’t have the tech to keep up. I keep hoping they will speed them up somehow. Concept-wise though, they are good games. Hopefully one day I’ll have a computer than can handle them and make them a bit speedier so I don’t have to spend all day on them. Maybe I’ll win a computer here on PCH, or the money to buy one! 🙂 This is the same reason why I can’t play any of the phone app games. My old tired phone just crashes when I try to use the app. I’d love to participate, but can’t, unfortunately. 🙁

    1. I too get the technical issues messages fairly regularly, Jennifer. You are not alone! I do want to note here though that after I wrote this about how slow Bingo, “$500 a week for life- Set For Life” and Tic Tac Toe were for me every day, I went back and they were actually faster today. As in, faster than they were just a few hours ago. I do not know if someone here saw my blog post and adjusted something, or if it’s just coincidence and I’m having a “fast internet” moment now or what, but if someone tech-savvy saw my post and helped with this, THANK YOU! I’ll test it again tomorrow and see if it’s still faster, because before it was crawling at a snail’s pace for me. It was fairly maddening how slow it was. Thought maybe it was a Linux/Firefox problem, or just because my computer is seriously old, but it IS actually faster right now. So here’s hoping it’s fixed! Yay if it is! Thanks for all you do, PCH!