#WinnerWednesday: These Lucky Guys Are PCH Winners!

Greetings, fans and friends!

What day is it? It’s #WinnerWednesday – that special occasion that arrives twice a month when we give shout-outs to a few lucky winners of smaller PCH prizes. And this time, let’s make some noise for some lucky boys!

That’s right! Our #WinnerWednesday winners spotlighted below are all men. So, let’s meet 3 winning males who have 3 winning tales!

James M. of Lancaster, CA remembers the day he started his winning streak: April 7, 1993, when he won an 18kt. gold plated clover leaf pendant in a PCH drawing. Then in March 2012 he won a $5 amazon.com gift card at PCHSlots. A month later he won $50 in a PCH Facebook photo caption contest, followed by a $10 FTD gift card in December 2015. James tells me he’s been entering the PCH Sweeps since the late 1980s or early 1990s.

“Since August 2007, when I bought my first computer and you could enter PCH by Internet, I have made it a point to enter every day,” James says.

James believes in the power of positivity. In addition to getting his entries in via computer, he also enters by dialing PCH’s toll-free number, 1-800-459-4724. He tells me he enjoys logging on to PCHfrontpage and entering to win prizes while getting the latest news and headlines.

Congratulations on your many wins, James!

Anthony N. can vouch that real people win PCH prizes. He won $10 from Publishers Clearing House. Way to go, Anthony! Stay in it to win it!

If you’ve been tuning in to Inside PCH, our fabulous show that airs live every Tuesday at 2:00 PM ET on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, then you might have seen Howie and Dave from the PCH Prize Patrol surprise “Raffles to Riches” winner Michael F. from Clearwater, FL with $10,000. Watch his winning moment here.

After he was presented with his “Big Check,” Michael showed the Prize Patrol all the PCH apps (iphone) (android) he had on his phone. Do YOU have the PCH apps on YOUR phone?

So, gentlemen, are you in it to win it? And ladies, do you want to win a PCH prize? Because PCH doesn’t discriminate – everyone has an equal shot at becoming a PCH winner! All you’ve got to do is enter every day and in every way you can! In fact, why not start immediately, by clicking on the “Enter Now” at the upper right hand corner of this blog page!

Good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you’ve won a PCH prize – no matter what the amount – comment below by writing “I am a PCH winner!” Or tweet us by using the hashtag #WinnerWednesday. And, congratulations to all our current – and future – winners who are in it to win it!


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  1. Thank you PCH for all of us who love playing your games and hopes of winning. It gives us all a lot to look forward to when the day is ending and some in the morning I know I enjoy playing thank you to all the workers who help to make is joy able > I want to comment on all the winners an congratulate them and ask Gods Blessing on them all. Thank you Debbie for all you do to make this happen and to PCH prize patrol who I am sure everyone loves to see at three door If I won ” I A M PCH AM A WINNER” if I won I would give to many charities, family those who I see in need and to The Jewish People like the Children who live in orphanages the elderly who need homes food medicine If I won enough I would help build them a Shelter and only God know what else I would do help them after all they are Gods Chosen People and I love them too Brenda

  2. PCH I am a want to be a winner and I hope one day I will be what a privilege that would be and a honor.I would’ve to win the #8800 Sweepstake and all the wonderful surprises you have to offer 1,000.00 a day for life 2,000,000.00 a new Lincoln 20,000.00 that would be wonderful. I am getting great for the storm I am hoping it will not hit us. But only God knows those of you who pray we can use your prayers Thank You Brenda Carlton

  3. I received an email from PCH this morning saying I won, but it was a large amount , I’m not sure what too think.pls help me

    1. Call PCH , not likely they would email you with a large sum , be safe and call them , never give information on an email or send money if they ask for money it is a scam

  4. I am a winner I won 10 dollars they sent me in the mail and I all so won a Amazon gift card from them when I was playing a game!!

  5. I am a PCH winner earlier this year I won $10.00 which was my first win was fun and of course trying to win more. I have been playing since back in the mail in days so I keep trying and like everyone else HOPING.