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  1. I was in school and that’s when I herd what hade happened. It is so sad to see what happened to all of the people that died.but we need to thank all of the fire fighters and police officers for what they did. Every day I pray for the solders that they will be ok. We also need to pray for are brothers and sisters of what has happened in Florida and in Texas. I am praying that everything is OK with the familys and everyone is ok. We all need to help those in need. Thank you to all of the men and women in the military and army for what they did. Thanks for everything. Matt tinney

  2. I remember 9/11 when my friend call me at work and then I couldn’t believe what happen to the Twin Towers,
    the Pentagon and the field Pennsylvania. These horrible acts will never pull us down, because we are strong Americans first, our races and religions hold us together. My prayers our with those who passed and their families as well. Americans please, Pray for the Hurricane victims of the Small Islands, Florida and Texas.

  3. We all in America come together on this day to remember those that are no longer with us. They took their love and their lives away from us and we will never forget.