Are You Ready For The Week In Winning? Check Out These Prizes!

Who else is off to a great week after this weekend? Well, it’s about to get even better because another week in winning at PCH is here and it is full of exciting prizes! Whether you’re a fan of PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, or games, it’s time to start entering these amazing giveaways.

PCH Search&Win

Need more reasons to visit PCHSearch&Win this week? Let’s see which prizes will be available this week for all of you PCHSearch&Win fans!

Tuesday, Sept. 12 – Don’t miss your chance to treat yourself to the movies. You could be the lucky winner of one of FIVE $25 Regal Gift Cards we’ll be giving away on Tuesday!

Wednesday, Sept. 13 – We will be giving away FIVE $50 cash Prizes! Plus, starting at 7pm there will be a cash winner every 15 minutes up until 11:59pm EST!

Thursday, Sept. 14CASH WINNERS ALL DAY LONG! This could be your day to get lucky because we’ll be awarding amazing cash prizes at random throughout the day!

Friday, Sept. 15FIVE $25 Target Gift Cards will be given out just in time to finish up that back-to- school shopping!

Saturday, Sept. 16 – Search today and you could win one of the FIVE $75 Dell Gift Cards we’re going to award on Saturday!

Sunday, Sept. 17 – Time to get your shopping list together! PCH is giving away TEN $25 Walmart Gift Cards!

Monday, Sept. 18 – Will you be one of the lucky winners when we give away TWENTY $10 Amazon Gift Cards? Games Daily Tournaments

The cash tournaments at games award winners every single day! And the best part is that you have the opportunity to play different games every day since PCH is always switching it up. You can participate in the daily cash tournaments on your mobile device, desktop, and tablet, so there really is no excuse not to play every day! Don’t forget that the top token earner AND the top scorers each get rewarded with $100 Cash!

You won’t want to miss out on PCH’s 10/13 Prize Event where you could win an incredible $1,000 A Day For Life. There is so much you could do with that kind of money — the possibilities are endless! And of course, with up to $10,000 instant cash up for grabs on the site just for playing, there are plenty of opportunities to be rewarded! So go to and start entering now! You never know which entry could be the one that changes your life forever!

PCHlotto offers exciting daily drawings, including the big PowerPrize jackpot that is constantly increasing in amount, which means an even bigger prize! As you can see in the photo above, the jackpot has reached $4,244,791.67, which is our largest jackpot yet! Don’t forget that along with this amazing PowerPrize offer, PCHlotto also has smaller daily drawings and instant-win opportunities that include a $10,000.00 scratch off card. And of course, the best part is they are completely FREE to play, giving you even more reason to keep playing!

See how many opportunities there are to win at PCH this week? Start entering now!

Good Luck!

Marissa B.
PCH Creative

P.S. WOW! As you can see, we have a lot of prizes up for grabs! If you could win any prize on any of our sites right now, which would it be … and how would you spend the cash? Comment below.

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  1. If I may win 10,000,000. I would b abl to pay attrney to sav my house frm frclsure n stop people frm stealing the one thing I hv left aftr thieves stole evrytin els including my 2016 escalade n he could also hv my baby bak hom as it would abl me to show I hv a home tht my husbnd wrkd hard fr for us bfor his passing n bcas it will show I hv a home n safety security then mabe will allow the office people give. Me bak my babygrl,whom I hvnt seen in year in half .ples God , allow me to meet PRIZE PATROL ELITE TEAM N MR LUCKY TODAY OR VERY SOON AS IT WOULD BRING MY BBYGRL HM N SAV OUR HOUS N THN I CN HOPEFULLY OPN A OFFIC MYSELF TO HLP PEOPLE IN FUTUR NOT GO THRU WAT I AM GOING THRU AGAIN PLEASE. THNK U!!! HOPE TO HUG N SQUEEZE N KISS YALL SOON!!! I TRY HUG YALL BFOR SCREAMING AS I PRBBLY B SCREAMING N CRYING OF HAPPINESS JOYFULLNESS N SURPRISED AS IT WOULD LET ME KNW IT IS BCAS OF U ALL I WILL BE SEEING MY BBYGRL N BRINGING HER HOM TO OUR HOUS THT MY ANGEL HUSBND HAS FOR US. !!!PLEASE THANK U !!!

  2. WOW the jackpot is big.IIf I were to win I would pay off my bills help all of the people of Texas,FL.and so many more ..Good luck to everyone.

  3. I’m going to be real I would love to win this money for my kids I’m a mom of two an money is very tight I work very hard for my kids cause that’s what Mom do but this money could really help us finally get a house of our own this would be the a greatest birthday gift to me cause my birthday is in October go Libras

  4. hi I had to evacuate because of the hurricane in Florida I’ve come back and found all my stuff destroyed I got very little belongings left and I could really use some luck winning some money to restart my life. then after I restart my life I will help others around me who have had the same luck that I have help them rebuild their lives in remembrance of this hurricane.