The PCH Give Back Inside PCH Episode Is TODAY!

Hey Blog Readers,

I’m happy to report that the PCH Give Back is in full swing and today, your views of Inside PCH can help us reach our goal for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®!

Over the past week or so, we’ve been doing our best to try to spread the word about The Give Back and, more importantly, we’ve been trying help spread awareness of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® and how you can help support the fight against childhood cancer.

Hopefully by now, news of The Give Back has travelled far and wide, but if you haven’t seen it already, please take a look at this message from my colleague, George… he can tell you more!

As George mentioned, PCH is giving $100,000.00 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® as part of this year’s Give Back event.  And to help increase awareness even more, we’re asking fans like you to watch, “like” and share the Inside PCH episode we’re airing today at 2 PM, ET on the PCH page on Facebook.  For every viewer of Inside PCH today, we’ll increase our donation by $1.00 – up to $50,000.00 – to make our total donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® an incredible $150,000.00 in all!

Now, with all the worthy causes out there and all the money PCH gives to charity, you may be wondering why we chose to donate to St. Jude during this year’s Give Back event.  The answer is twofold really – and just like my fellow PCHer Natasha explains in her video, the first reason is because of fans like you!  Take a look…

Just like Natasha said, we’ve put it to a vote time and again and hands down, fans like you have chosen St. Jude as your favorite charity.  But there’s another reason… and that reason is all the good St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® is doing for so many families. They give the world hope that a cure for childhood cancer is within reach, and Dillon from our promotions department explains in her video here:

The videos I’ve shared here are just three voices speaking for so many real PCHers, including myself, who are passionately supporting The Give Back and hoping that today, if even just for a few moments, you’ll tune in and help us make a real difference for such a worthwhile cause.   

I will be watching Inside PCH today at 2 PM, ET. to support The PCH Give Back.  I sure hope I’ll see you there, too.

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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  1. ♡♡ Bless the children of St Jude and their families. An excellent cause to give back to PCH! *Kudos to you! As a fan it’s a joy seeing you bring excitement and hope to so many people, year after year. ♡

  2. I like helping seniors. They are fun to be around. They have really great stories. I would like to help the people in the USA from all the hurricane people to children having clothes to wear. They have lost everything. I hope people come forward to help them out. If I win I would like to help

  3. I would give my time and help to an orphan/s who don’t know what it’s like having parents that are there in there lives and show to them and everyone how fairy tale endings do happen in divine grandness this I will give creadit to my creator for. I’m mearly “spectator” who knows the value of what is right in front of us each day that most take for greanted.. They are just limited by the imagination of the beholder as to how great the experience can be. I dream of great things to come that havent been decided beyond this sweepstake of hope that I would recieve humbly in fasion I can claim ownership Personal knowledge of. People should never have to endure that at an early age in life or the devastaing affect it has having no family to help when simple llfe events even more common than Illness can cause an early end to what God hoped might be and never happened. Having PCH Grant for me title and ownership and deposite of a superprize can compare nothing to caring enough to Rise to the Call of duty and lead by example and trule proving to someone who doesn’t believe in micracles and fair tales that by my actions they could not deny my testimony as the “spectator” accounts of my life and possibilities I can do if I would be grace by PCH to do such a wonderful thing like that. If anyone can top that then they should win the prize so that the most good can come form this exraordinay event.

    I have a saying. I call it “A Champion” Commandment. That is that I say, “what is the best help I can do with this investment to help other I care about and have yet to know meet and care about for as long as my creator with give me great reason and common sense to do with. That is what a gift is and if we are lucky, those of us who care, good things will happen to it, great or faint.

    I will be availible by phone if anyone likes that comment who knows me.

    My Initials are CG