Happy Columbus Day from Publishers Clearing House!

Hello PCHers! We just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Columbus Day from all of us here at Publishers Clearing House. Every year we commemorate Columbus’ expedition and discovery of America, and Publishers Clearing House is a place where you can discover incredible sweepstakes!

You might be lucky enough to have Columbus Day off, so why not spend that extra time exploring Publishers Clearing House? There’s plenty of winning opportunities, and they all plot a course for excitement!

So embark on your PCH voyage today, and you never know when you might just make history!
Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you had a boat, where would you want to sail to? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. My family does have a boat which I would like to sail all over the Hawaiian 30 acre pond which is adjacent to my family’s Seaside Restaurant & Aquaculture Farm.

  2. I get seasick easily so anywhere there would be calm, safe, and pristine waters; preferably shark free and absent from hurricanes.

  3. If our family had the privilege of sailing we would luv to sail to HAWAII preferably maui and all other islands there which would be paradise.

  4. Well of course you know who this is! Yep all the way from Wetumpka Al. Well if I had a boat I would sail to where ever my family would like to go, but Alaska cause that it my parents dream vacation

  5. Happy Columbus Day!! I can see you coming to my home in Oklahoma City , OK and making me the next PCH Winner on my Birthday October 13th. Can’t wait to you you all!