QUICK! What would you say if you win $1,000 A Day For Life?

Better think of something good, and fast! Today is our Winner Selection date, which means we’re now just days away from an incredible Winning Moment on 10/13. Will we be coming to your house to hear, in person, what you would say?

Don’t be shy — get ready by commenting below! I’d love to read what you’d say. As big a PCH fan as you are, I’m sure that you’ve spent some time daydreaming about winning. Lately, I bet, you’ve been daydreaming about all you could do if you won $1,000 a day for life.

But do you ever specifically think about the Winning Moment itself? How would you respond to the cameras, the “Big Check,” the ecstasy of winning? We’ve had so many different types of winners. Some can’t believe this is really happening to them, and scream something like:


But maybe you’re someone who has kept the faith, and have been waiting for this moment. It was never an if for you, but simply a matter of when. You might say something like:


No matter what you’d say, one thing is for sure: We’re just days away from a life-changing Winning Moment. Should you be the big winner, one thousand dollars a day for life would allow you to live the life you’ve been daydreaming about for so long!

So let us know what it would mean for you to win $1,000 A Day For Life by commenting below what you would say if you won!

Joe W
PCH Creative

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  1. Lord let Tomorrow be the Best Day of my life with a visit from Prize Patrol. I am convince the day will surely come.

  2. I’m not sure I would say anything…. Standing in disbelief, shaking, probably crying! I would start by using it roi replace contents in the house that g or damaged during our house flood. Then donate to my church here and at home, I would then help family, friends and our community…. Way too many families live in cold so I would go on a shopping spree for food, clothing and blankets to give and make my way to the Electric company to pay some bills so families can have heat. It wouldn’t stop there, I am in it to win it for my 3 children and I! Good luck to all and God Bless the winner

  3. Honestly been playing for 13 years and haven’t won anything, but if I would win it would be a blessing. No more constantly moving around because of slumlords and I’ll be able to get my youngest son straightened around with his asthma that he was recently diagnosed with. I’ll also be able to get a decent 4 wheel drive vehicle that isn’t falling apart or needs more work than I can afford and big enough to haul 4 kids around. Hey I’ll be able to enroll my kids in sports and actually get their school pictures done as well. Id start a college fund for my kids also take them on their first vacation. I can even finish my college degree. Wishful thinking though.

  4. I need to help with. My daughter that needs a bigger house cause baby is due and she has 2 young children that they have disability you never come to Woonsocket RI. Always big cities that are living good and dont neef the money u dont hel0 the poor u go to all big cities like power ball always someone that dont need it well i hope i win but if i dont im not entering any more thank you i know u tell me keep trying but no more