Special Early Look Results In! Will The PCH Big Check Be YOUR Hero?

Hey Blog Readers,

How do you like my new look?

I know the Super Hero getup may seem like a little much for your pal, Lucky, the PCH Big Check , but with the Special Early Look Results in, I can’t help being excited just knowing that tomorrow, I’m going to go out and be someone’s hero for real!

Would you want me to be your hero by bringing you $1 Million Tomorrow?

My payline used to get all tied up in knots whenever I heard there was no matching winning number during our Special Early Look events, but once Danielle of the PCH Prize Patrol reminded me that we’ll still make someone a MILLIONAIRE even though a winning number was not returned, I felt better.  That means I get to be a hero again — showing up at the winner’s door, ready to give away $1,000,000.00!  Imagine … me … a hero. No one’s ever put it that way to me before, but now my seal won’t stop glowing with excitement thinking about how I can save the day for our next Special Early Look event winner!

Would $1,000,000.00 Save You From Debt … Save Your Home … Or Just Save You From Worrying?  Let me know below!

My ink runs whenever I think about how many lives our Special Early Look prize events have changed over the years … how many bills have been paid, how many dreams have come true and how many people have felt peace of mind knowing they have money to fall back on.  I’m sure some of those winners still think about me, too, swooping in and saving the day just in time!

Like Robb Gonzales, who was trying his best to pay bills week-to-week before I came along…

Robert Gonzales, PCH $1 Million Winner

And Laurie Aragon whose power was about to be shut off when I showed up at her door — ready to take action with my corners bulging, my seal blazing and my border flexed!  Just look how mighty I am in this photo. She can barely lift me because my payline is so pumped up!

Laurie Aragon, PCH $1 Million Winner


It makes my dollar sign curl even tighter thinking about how Robb, Laurie and so many others may not have been winners at all if we didn’t have Special Early Look events like this one.  I am so thankful that I could be a hero for them … and I can’t wait to see who it will be that I “rescue” from financial worry tomorrow as we deliver another big prize!


Well, I’ve gotta fly off and finish getting ready for tomorrow’s $1 MILLION delivery!  Let me know below if you’d want me to swoop in and save the day for YOU!

Good Luck!

Lucky Windfall
PCH Big Check

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  1. I hope all use people read this.Its not about money its about the USA and other countries that have way to many people on Kidney care.There is no cure.Every state has kidney care places.But did use all know there is 10 in every county?There is 1000 new people going on these machines every day.Every person that is on these has to have ether a tube in stomach or the one in the arm.The cost is 90,000 a month and more.Why is it that no one can say why?Is it our water or our food?I know its in most of our sodas that we all drink.Well I know stopped buying soda. And I have to look at every thing I buy due to my husband.He is going soon for the tube in stomach they say it will be better for him.If you read my last email I put up it will explain things.Now For the PCH winning money I wish to help find a way to cure.And Some of the money would go for my 2 boys that are 10.11 years for education when they are bigger.I have bills on my husbands kidney care now up into 200,000.I ask Jesus for a miracle to help him .I will not be doing Christmas this year due to no money for all this.My boys do understand the roof over head and food on table and my husband (there dad means more)But if we won something it would be a blessing to help things a bit easier.Thank use all at PCH for the games I play.

  2. I will enjoy where in God’s hands it’ll be a blessing for me to win Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes you don’t know how much I’m struggling right now looking for a house and are trying to get me out of here I really enjoyed having you help us out picking and help with her