How Would You Spend A BIG CHECK? SuperPrize Winners Have Great Ideas!

A SuperPrize of $2.6 Million plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life could be awarded to you on December 22nd during this special early look prize event. Yes, simply by entering to win, you could be awarded a “BIG CHECK” by the Prize Patrol. So, go ahead and enter to win PCH sweepstakes today!

What would you buy if the Prize Patrol handed you one of these “Big Checks”? The sky is the limit, and it helps to keep a few ideas in mind. Just take a look at how some of our SuperPrize winners have said they’d spend their PCH sweepstakes winnings … it may inspire you to think of some good ways to spend this $2.6 Million plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life! You may even find that you have similar ideas of how you would spend a PCH SuperPrize!

When Jane Goodwin won a $1 Million SuperPrize, she immediately mentioned exactly what she’d do with the money: plan!

“The first thing that went through my head was nothing! I’m kind of a planner. I don’t like spending money,” said Jane. “If we need something, I will buy it, but I’m not really a spontaneous person. I like to plan and see what is really best for us. I’m trying to look at this as a nice nest egg on top of our retirement.”

SuperPrize winner Eva Heatley decided she wanted to help her family … and to buy a few nice items for herself!

“My first thoughts were of how I could help my family out,” Eva expressed. “And getting a place of my own, maybe a new boat or a new Jeep!”

Speaking of family, if you won a SuperPrize, maybe you’d plan to take a trip to visit your family, just like Nancy Byers-Horan did!

Or maybe, just maybe, you’d spend your SuperPrize winnings like Diane Jehanian; she and her husband were able to buy their dream car!

“He bought a ’57 Chevy!” exclaimed Diane. “He’s been restoring it. That’s keeping him busy! Yes, it’s running. He’s working to get seat belts put in and also the engine.”

Upon being awarded a SuperPrize, Ora Gayton, had immediate plans on how to spend her winnings.

“We’ve been talking to some doctors so see what can be done to help my eyesight,” Ora mentioned.

These SuperPrize Winners had great ideas of how to spend their PCH sweepstakes money. So, what about you? What would you buy if the Prize Patrol handed you a Big Check of $2,600,000.00 plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life? Tell us!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative


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  1. i would pay of my debts Fix my house. Help my family. Not make any body rich.Set my Grand kids up with trust funds. Just help with debts. Help humanity. Also not work any more so i can spend time with my dear Hubby of 35 years.
    My biggest dream is to Work with Tiny home builders and finance some sustanable homes for people in need, maybe some who have lost home in one of our horrific natural disasters of late.This will allow those peaople who are mortage free put back into the economy by having monet to spend on other things. Its a win for all. Dont have all details ironed out yet. This will keep the TH builders building those fantastic Homes. I thought maybe some kind of Lottery or Charitable way to keep the ball rolling. will defintly seek legal counsel on this . Also work with some of my Fav orginizations for Animal rights Like Mercy for Animals , C.O.K and such. This is the dream that keeps me playing everyday, even when I am tired I always make time for PCH. And I would also keep buying magazines and products from PCH (will be able to afford it). buy things that can be donated to charitible orginazations Because I appreciate what you do for people by giving away token rewards, cars, and sweepstakes. Doesnt cost any thing to play:)!
    If God decrees me to be a Good Steward of this plan I will Be so Blessed.

  2. Take care of Farley &start a give back to my community & get all the pore kids a place to play and have a good mill

  3. I would pay off my $200,000 of student debt, help my parents pay off their house, take my parents and siblings on a vacation, and donate some of it to the local animal shelter called B.A.R.K.. Maybe buy myself some new work clothes!