Top 7 (Or More) Reasons to Become a PCH VIP

All you need to do is hear those three little letters – VIP – and you know you’re in for something special. Here at Publishers Clearing House, we make sure our VIPs get preferential treatment, access to bonus/exclusive contests and rewards, and so much more! In fact, PCH recently enhanced its existing VIP Elite program with even more chances to win and even more ways to win!

And that’s just the beginning!


  1. Exclusive $1,000,000 prize opportunity
  2. Access to VIP/VIP Elite-exclusive prizes
  3. Private VIP/VIP Elite customer service phone number
  4. Bonus chances to win the SuperPrize
  5. Exclusive VIP page on
  6. VIP/VIP Elite cards at PCHlotto, with more chances to win instantly
  7. Search&Win prizes available only to VIPs/VIP Elites
VIP Elite Bonus Contests at!



  1. Secret automatic bonus SuperPrize entries
  2. $100,000 VIP Elite bonus to the exclusive VIP $1,000,000 giveaway
  3. VIP Elite Millionaire-of-the-Month prize opportunities
  4. VIP Elite 5-Star SuperPrize winner treatment
  5. Hundreds of guaranteed prizes awarded every month
  6. Access to the VIP Elite Exclusive Mission on

    VIP Elite Exclusive Bonus Contest

And one more! You’d be gaining access to a very exclusive club of PCH players! Only the top 5% of PCH players qualify for VIP status, and only the top 3% have achieved VIP Elite Status! Here’s what it takes to add your name to the list.

 Become a PCH VIP or PCH VIP Elite

  • PCH VIP – Visit and engage in any of the eligible activities listed below, once per day, for a minimum of 15 days out of a revolving 30-day timeframe
  • PCH VIP Elite – Visit and engage in any of the eligible activities listed below, once per day, for a minimum of 25 days out of a revolving 30-day timeframe
    • Enter a sweepstakes
    • Play an instant-win game
    • Play a skill-based game
    • Play a PCHslots game
    • Play a PCHBlackjack game
    • Watch a video/read an article and claim the tokens associated with it
    • Conduct a search
    • Play a PCHlotto card
    • Play a PCHkeno card

And there you have it. Now, I only have one question – what are you waiting for? You’re probably closer to becoming a PCH VIP than you even know, so make the extra effort and get ready to reap the rewards!

Russell S.
PCH Creative


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  1. I want to win 1,000,000.00 VIP elite exclusive prize for 2018 I want to win $10,000,000.00 superprize prize for 2018 the day of 1000 winner’s from pch VIP elite exclusive prize patrol 2018

  2. i finally made it to ellit love u pch god bless u took me 6 or more years finally never won nouthing in my whole life but im happy for thoues who do i cry im so happy for them god bless

  3. I am a daily player… I do my ritual every day at 12 am…i go to slots in the app.. The web and the desktop…i dont miss a day.. I started nov 11 and already saphire. Vip elite and wont stop… I better win something… I love the slots…but sometimes i feel its all fix…And get really so close yet so far…

  4. I’m a proud PCH VIP Elite member! 😀 I play and enter everyday!

    I convinced my husband to keep playing and entering and he just reached PCH VIP status today! Woohoo!
    He’s determined to become a PCH VIP Elite member also!

    Fingers crossed that one of us will win a BIG Check!

    As always, good luck everyone! 🙂

  5. Hi PCH!! I’m a proud VIP ELITE player and enjoying the VIP treatment you’re giving to us. I’m loving the extra chances to win BIG, Golden 🌟 rewards,and recognizing our loyalty to you. I know I’m up against millions of other players to win BIG but I have FAITH that my time will come for my winning moment with the PCH Prize Patrol and the world to see. As a dedicated member I want to say thanks for all the different opportunities to WIN PCH 😊..

  6. Hi PCH! I am a VIP ELITE and I too am PRAYING HARD for that faithful day that you the PRIZE PATROL TEAM will knock at my door and tell me that all my hard work has paid off! Good luck to everyone and may God bless you PCH!