Meet Jo Ann Snyder, Our Newest “Forever” Prize Winner

It was a cold, rainy day in Wilkes-Barre, PA last Friday; but that didn’t stop Jo Ann Snyder and her husband Michael from opening the door and stepping outside in their stocking feet.  Why?  Who should be knocking loudly to get their attention but (ta dah!) The PCH Prize Patrol!  And for anyone like Jo Ann who has been entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for years that is a warming sight, no matter the weather.

Yes, there we were, surrounded by TV cameras and reporters, with roses, balloons and three Big Checks, announcing that Jo Ann was one very lucky winner.

Big Check #1 declared Jo Ann to be PCH’s sixth recipient of our fabulous “Forever” prize: that’s $5,000 a week for the rest of her life and — after that — $5,000 a week for the life of a beneficiary she will soon name. That’s a prize worth untold millions!

Big Check #2 represented a bonus of $1 Million, a real check that we handed her right on the spot!  That’s as good a million dollars cash!

Big Check #3?  Another bonus – for $35,000 – good for a new car or anything else Jo Ann wants to buy.

Shocked and almost speechless, shaking and teary, Jo Ann described the scene as “Overwhelming!” as Michael held her up and shook his head, clearly unprepared for this “PCH winning moment.”   

“It’s real, it’s real” Jo Ann told one of her two sons on the phone minutes later.  In the back of her mind was a college fund she could now think about for her three grandchildren.  What else is on the wish list for the Snyders, both 72 and mostly retired?  “A trip on Route 66 — all the way through!”

After that?   Countless possibilities!

Check out the local newspaper’s coverage of Jo Ann’s winning moment. You can now understand why she was so overcome with emotion!

Congratulations Jo Ann, our newest PCH “Forever” Prize Winner, and welcome to our huge and ever-growing family of winners!  And to the rest of you – do what Jo Ann did: keep entering, and our next winner could be you!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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  1. I being rich by someone named Debbie through Facebook saying that I want one million dollars to send them $500 to get the million dollars to UPS to mail the Sun so fake to be choon

    1. Hi Alexis. Please report all contacts from scammers to PCH via this link: PCH does partner with the Federal Trade Commission and we send all scam reports to them so please make sure you let us know anytime a scammer contacts you. Remember, the real PCH never notifies major prize winners via phone, standard mail, email, or social media, and we never ask winners to pay to claim their prize. You can see more Safety Tips here: Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim!

  2. Just wanted to let y’all know that I was contacted by someone claiming to be Joann. They contacted me on Facebook messenger and then called me from Facebook messenger. Did not answer the call.
    They claim to be Joann and offered me help to win the next publishers clearing House contest. I said no thank you. After that they offered to send me money. I said no thank you knowing that this definitely is a scam artist. I informed them that I was calling PCH and letting them know that they need to put out a scam alert out because I know Joann is not contacting people. At that point they suggested that I do it and I do it quickly. I did contact your fraud/ scam department and gave them the details. Just everybody needs to have a heads up that they’re at their games again. I am hoping that the people read this that seem to be contacted frequently about having to pay for a prize. Which is false. You never have to buy anything, and we are never contacted by phone, or messengers by anyone at publishers clearing House. Big prize winners get a knock on the door. ( which I hope will soon be my friend door )

    1. As a reminder, the real PCH will never send friend requests, private messages, or winner notifications to our fans over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc; and we will never ask for money to claim a prize. Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim!

  3. Why is it that only the elderly win? Is it because they will only have to pay them a few more years, compared to if a 20 yr old wins?
    Not fair.

    1. Everybody has the same chance of winning, regardless of their history, age or financial background, as long as they enter for their chance to win. We’ve awarded over $329 million to winners who have lived in big cities and small towns all over the US and Canada. They’ve resided in apartments, mobile homes, and single family houses. Our winner selection process is completely random and unbiased; there’s no way to know who we’re going to award next. The best part about our giveaways is that its free to enter, free to win, and no purchase is ever required. Keep trying and don’t give up! To see all of the ways you can enter each day, click here: Good luck to you and all who enter!!